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For Earth Day – Sleep on this

Here’s a press release from 2008 that’s worth repeating as we head towards Earth Day in just ten more days…

Earth Day is April 22nd and it’s the perfect time to rethink our everyday routine and the footprints we’re leaving on the environment. The car we drive, our household cleaners, the fertilizers we use on our lawn, even the mattress we sleep on; the products we choose to use can have a huge environmental impact on our planet.

The new adage of the 3-Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, can help guide us towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle of making greener choices every day, and every night too.

Believe it or not, your mattress has a giant impact on the environment, but don’t lose too much sleep over it because now there are alternatives for you to become a greener dreamer.

REUSE: Renewables Rule
Most conventional mattresses are made with chemical foam components produced from petroleum and natural gas – both of which are very nonrenewable resources. The continuing use of these fossil fuels pollutes our environment and relies on a vast amount of harmful chemicals in the production process. In contrast, an organic mattress made from natural materials is made from the milk of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, pure wool, organically grown cotton, and sometimes even corn. These components are derived from nature’s own renewable resources so we can use them over and over again without harming the environment.


REDUCE: Longevity is King
Did you know that Americans dispose of an estimated 38,000,000 mattresses every year? Most foam mattress components begin to lose resiliency and support sooner than expected, so they’re sent to landfills where they consume valuable space.


A mattress should not be a disposable product doomed for eternity at the landfill. The raw materials used in an organic mattress will last longer than its synthetic chemical counterpart. Investing in a quality eco-smart mattress will pay for itself over its lifetime while reducing your need to replace it. This concept doesn’t usually agree with big-business profit forecasting, but a product that lasts longer is definitely better for our environment, not to mention our budget.

RECYCLE: Ashes to Ashes
Natural materials are biodegradable, and sometimes even compostable, through proper recycling programs. They won’t decompose while in use, but they have the ability to naturally breakdown and safely re-enter our environment without harmful effects. Although foam can be recycled into other products, unfortunately there aren’t many programs in place for this to be a reality. Hopefully today’s little green jeans will be tomorrow’s green geniuses with full-throttle mattress recycling programs that will ease our landfill burdens and solve the dilemma of disposing the chemical soup so many people call their bed.

Cheryl Hahn, President of the Organic Comfort Zone located in Norfolk, Virginia, has over twenty years experience offering environmentally-friendly products and ecosmart organic comfort. Based on her knowledge and expertise, Hahn developed her exclusive collection of CozyPure® mattresses and bedding made from certified organic cotton, chemical-free pure wool, and creamy white natural latex derived from the sap of the rubber tree.


The components used are third-party certified for safety, tested for quality, and stamped with her seal of approval. “We’ve searched the world for the finest materials, backed by authentic environmental and organic certifications.” says Hahn.

In addition to using ONLY renewable, sustainable, natural materials, perhaps the best feature about the CozyPure® collection is it’s made in Virginia- USA by the only organic bedding manufacturer who also produces 100% of their own energy using solar panels and wind.


Tonight sleep on this: Our mattresses shouldn’t be killing us softly. The next time you need to revamp your bedroom, do the world a favor and choose natural and renewable materials. Green choices in the home can reap the benefits of safer indoor spaces, without leaving behind any dirty footprints. That’s something every mother loves to hear, especially Mother Earth.

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