Keep Your Organic Mattress Clean and Dust Free

Keeping your house clean and dust-free can go a long way to feeling and staying healthy. While you probably wipe and vacuum up the dust in your house from exposed surfaces and under your furniture, what about your mattress?

While a standard mattress can trap dust and also become a home for dust mites, the outside casing cover of a CozyPure® Performance mattress can be kept dust-free and clean with a few simple steps.

One important thing to remember is NOT to put your organic mattress casing in the washing machine.  While you can toss your organic cotton sheets and blankets in the wash you can’t do the same with your organic mattress cover casing because it will tork and shrink. So how do you clean it?

The best way to clean your organic mattress casing is to remove the top panel by fully unzipping along the perimeter, then put it outside on a sunny day. The sunshine and fresh air will freshen it up and uses no energy except what the sun and fresh air produces. No chemicals whatsoever!

What if you have a stain on your mattress?

The best way to get out stains of our organic mattress covered casing or organic sheets is to spot clean with a mixture of water and white vinegar, maybe add a little lemon juice for a pleasant scent. For really nasty stains, try adding a little Dawn dishwashing liquid to the mixture. This creates an easy to make and eco-friendly homemade cleaner using simple ingredients that can help remove stains from your organic mattress cover. Just dab it on a clean cloth (or spray) and gently wipe the stain. Air-dry your mattress casing outside after you are done.


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