Layered Organic Cot Mats

Over the years, we’ve worked with a few designers who needed cushioned mats in window loft areas, or something small yet comfortable for a trundle frame — and they wanted this made from natural and organic materials. Then we started to get similar  requests directly from consumers, so we decided to make these mats available to all of our customers.

The CozyPure®  Simplicity was created for folks that want materials similar to an organic mattress but need a slim and versatile design, at a fraction of the cost.

Basic futon-style layered rest system starts with a 4″  thick base made from  wool batting hand-tied to organic cotton outer fabric. To provide some cushioning, we add our natural latex LaNoodle Cuddle-Top on the surface, covered in smooth 100% organic cotton sateen fabric.

No-fuss design is expertly handcrafted with two-sided construction so you can easily flip both pieces.