How to soften a mattress that’s too firm.

Yesterday I received an email from a business associate thanking me (again) for giving her the gift of a great night’s sleep.

I was on the phone with Mrs “Tee” last month and we got to talking about her husband’s recent back problems. Under doctor’s orders they had to go out immediately and buy a very firm mattress. The new mattress was an extra firm innerspring support system with conventional compressed padding on the surface. Now this may have been ideal for MR Tee, however Mrs Tee found herself suffering through the night with pressure point pain, tossing and turning, and not feeling very happy the next morning. It wasn’t long before she found herself sleeping in the guest bedroom every night, where the mattress wasn’t quite so firm and uncompromising. As we chatted, she asked if there was anything that could help.

It didn’t take me long to recommend one of our most popular items: the LaNoodle Cuddle-Top

Our LaNoodle Cuddle-Top has a 100% satisfaction rate with our customers and because there’s nothing like it available anywhere it’s a bit difficult to describe the incredible comfort it can bring to your mattress. Even if your mattress is already comfortable (like mine) the Cuddle-Top adds a layer of puffy softness that cuddles you perfectly.

Inside our LaNoodle Cuddle-Top are thousands of little pieces of natural latex (shaped like tiny noodles). They move freely around your curves and create a soft cushion under your body that makes the surface of your mattress delightfully soothing. I call them my nourishing noodles 🙂

Mrs Tee was worried that it would take away the firmness her husband needed. I told her that of course there was a chance however since latex has a firm resiliency, the Cuddle-Top usually doesn’t compromise support. Because “firmness” is very subjective, I couldn’t guarantee anything, but I was confident it was the best option for them to try, and hopefully get them sleeping in the same bed again!

When the LaNoodle Cuddle-Top arrived, Mrs Tee wrote me after the first night. She was so excited that she actually slept comfortably on the firm mattress. I asked how Mr Tee liked it but after only one night he wasn’t ready to give the five stars yet.

So yesterday, after a few weeks of use, Mrs Tee sent another email with some BIG LOVE to confirm it’s still incredible for her and for hubby too. She thanked me for giving her great sleep and a better attitude when she wakes up in the morning. Every day we receive emails and phone calls from happy customers and it always makes me smile. I love hearing our products are helping people sleep better and feel better.

May is “Better Sleep Month”… the time of year to think about improvements in your bedroom that will help you sleep better. It could be a new pillow or comforter, a new mattress or simply a mattress topper. If you’re lucky to have the perfect sleep system, then revel in better sleep this month and beyond. If you’re not so lucky, then make a commitment to invest in your sleep health.

There are great days ahead of you… but you need a great night of sleep to get there.

Sleep Well,

Cheryl Hahn is the President and Founder of Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure® organic mattresses and bedding and Tomorrow’s World, one of America’s first green-living stores.