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Organic Mattress Fabric: Is it really organic cotton?

In this video we show you a popular fabric used on  mattresses that claim to use organic cotton fabric. Stretch knit fabrics are created with three layers: the Top, the Bottom, the Inside Threads — all of them quilted together to make one stretchy fabric.

In 2007 we decided to make all our mattresses using a knit since it enhances the feel of the latex underneath. We contacted various mills to request samples and realized that most fabrics were not 100% organic cotton; instead they were a blend of organic cotton on the top only with conventional polyester threads inside and a polyester backing.

The outside fabric is stamped with the words “organic cotton” and it feels soft to the hand since the top panel is cotton, which is very confusing to the consumer – or perhaps misleading is a better word.

We’re not saying this fabric is bad or cheaply made – it’s just that little details like this make one mattress entirely different from another.  It’s good for consumers to know the subtle differences why mattress #1 may be priced higher than mattress #2 because it’s using more authentic ingredients which cost more.  Unfortunately no one is going to disclose this information (it’s not required to list the fabric on the label) so it’s up to the consumer to feel trust with the brand and feel confident they are knowledgeable in organic and green living products and have a history of using organic materials.

A high-quality mattress made with real organic and natural components will cost you around $1300 starting point for a Queen size. Anything less should raise concern about what’s really inside the mattress. CozyPure® uses only 100% organic cotton fabric because we want this first layer be light, airy and breathable against your skin. When the fabric has a petroleum-polyester blend the benefit of breath-ability is taken down a few notches.

This type of fabric is not exclusive to mattresses – the same blend of materials can often be found in bedding such as pillows or blankets.

Hans Bunton is the Retail Manager of Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure® organic mattresses and bedding and Tomorrow’s World, one of America’s first green-living stores.