Natural Bedroom

Organic Mattress: ANNUAL SALE

It’s our annual sale on CozyPure organic mattresses! We have an agreement with our suppliers that once a year they give us a discount, which we extend to our cutomers. This year we picked the month of May since it’s National Better Sleep month. What better way to get better sleep…. than to get yourself on an organic mattress? Eliminate the toxic chemicals which are present 100% in most convential mattresses (we call them foam & dacron beds) made from petrochemicals. Our mattresses cost more, but they are made from REAL materials… beautiful natural fibers that haven’t been sprayed or treated with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, formaldehydes , or dangerous PBDEs. And they’re not derived from crude oil . When you see and feel and smell our materials versus what is used in most mattresses, you can appreciate the exquisite simplicity of nature’s gift in providing us with these purely delightful components. Be warned: natural fibers are highly addictive and there’s no going back. Of course, this addiction is actually good for you, so cuddle-up, get comfy, and chill out naturally. Become a verified organic fiber addict, and welcome to the Organic Comfort Zone…. we’ll keep your addiction satisfied 🙂 For help or assistance, give us a call at 1.800.229.7571 or visit Tomorrow’s World to learn more, or shop online.