Organic Mattress Toppers – A Perfect Sleep Solution

For many Americans, “bigger is better”. When mattress shopping, there is such a variety, but I am always astounded by those mammoth, gigantic pillow-top mattresses. They tend to look like something from the story of the “Princess and the Pea”. I am sure that you have seen them; they almost resemble two mattresses stacked on top of one another. Actually, most pillow top mattresses are a standard mattress with an additional layer of petroleum based foam sewn on the top. The total of a traditional mattress is a bunch of wiry springs topped with chemical foam, all incased in a nylon sack that has been saturated with fire retardant chemicals; a pillow top is much the same with an addition of more foam and more chemicals.

A natural latex mattress should be simple and pure. When your beautiful, new CozyPure® mattress arrives at your home, it’s ready for sleep; no assembly required! CozyPure® mattresses are designed to last, using natural and organic components that remain resilient and consistent over the years. However, as time passes, some people begin to require more softness – as our joints, bones and muscles age, we may require and enjoy a surface that cradles and absorbs more of our body. The solution to those new found aches and pains may be resolved by adding a topper to your mattress.

Organic Comfort Zone / CozyPure® offers a nice selection of organic / natural mattress toppers to fit the needs of those looking for greater softness. In essence, your existing mattress can become a pillow-top of sorts, but with a real bonus; a mattress topper is removable. The topper can easily be removed, fluffed, flipped or placed on an outdoor clothes line for renewed freshness; ensuring an invigorating newness. In addition, because organic toppers are made from natural components, it needs to “breath”, (just like we do), so periodic freshening is a good practice. Sunshine and fresh air are natural cleansers.

If you already own a good quality chemical mattress and cannot afford or justify replacing it but still want some of the wonderful and healthy benefits of organic bedding, then an organic topper may be the best place to start. At least, with an organic topper, your body will not come in direct contact with your old mattress. A natural latex or wool topper will help shield you from dust mites, mold, mildew and the off gassing associated with traditional sleep systems.


The bottom line is that you can always make a mattress softer, but you cannot make a mattress firmer. An organic mattress topper is removable, easily cared for and it is versatile. For example, let’s say you want more softness, but you sleep partner wants a firm mattress, you can place a soft organic topper on your side of the mattress and leave theirs as is – what a perfect solution; soft on one half and firm on the other!

CozyPure® organic mattress toppers are offered in several styles and vary in price. If you think that a new natural topper might beneficial to your sleep, just give us a call at 800-229-7571 and one of our sleep experts will happily assist you by answering your questions. Sleep is far too important to waste. Get the most from your rest and watch the quality of your life increase.