Organic Pillows: Kapok and more

Kapok filling has been around for decades. It’s extremely soft and fluffy and is derived from the kapok tree “pods”, sometimes referred to as silk java. I have every one of our pillows on my bed. Pillows are VERY personal, and hard to recommend. It’s easier to help folks with mattresses, believe it or not. With the proper questions, you can easily recommend comfort levels for mattresses, but pillows are the things we hug, scrunch, fluff, bunch-up, layer and so forth. It’s much harder to get a handle on the personal preference. Take me for example, I have the wool extra-fill propped up against my headboard at a 45 degree angle, then I place another pillow (usually the shredded rubber or kapok) at another angle on top of that one. I need the neck support for a side sleeper, yet always end up on my back, so I also need something that will flatten a bit. I’ve got it figured out — for ME. If for some reason I get a bad kink in my neck, I’ll switch to the buckwheat hull pillow which is very supportive and unique (but not soft). I rarely use the organic cotton pillows since they become very flat, and are better for stomach sleepers. The rubber contour pillow is great, but just a little too dense for me. My hubby loves it tho. The best thing is to choose a pillow suited for your sleeping position. Once you know what the loft should be, then it’s up to you to pick which material you think you’d enjoy most. It’s not something to overlook, because your pillow will provide some serious comfort to your overall sleep enjoyment (proper head, neck, and spine alignment). And when everything is balanced and comfortable, you’ll reap the wonderful rewards of a great night’s sleep! If you need a little help, give us a call at 1.800.229.7571 and we’ll try our best to help you make the perfect selection.