Pedal Power for our Natural Latex Rubber Pillowtop

Customer Mike Bike

This comes from Mike in Seattle, WA:

A few weeks ago, i ordered your CozyPure Natural Rubber Pillowtop – Queen,
It arrived last week and i love it. Thanks. On the phone i mentioned that
i am car free and that i expected to get it home (4 miles, up a big hill) by
bicycle with no carbon emmissions. I’ve attached a photograph of me
arriving home with the queen size pillow top.

Mike, thank you for sharing… this is great. Looks like you had to scrunch the box up a little to fit on the bike’s trailor, but it worked. Four miles up a hill? Do they call you Super Mike Bike Man? I nominate you our ecowarrior for the month. Two-thumbs up for your eco-efforts! Thanks for supporting our company, and sleep well Superman.