Rest Comfortably ~ Sleep Well ~ Protect Yourself & Our Planet

There are lots of reasons to a make the switch from a conventional mattress to an organic, natural mattress and natural sleep environment. Just stop and consider how much time we send in our bedrooms and how our bodies regenerate during sleep. Spending that much time with our bodies in such close contact with a mattress made of petroleum-based materials is not at all desirable.

A completely natural bed can often provide improved air quality and make a marked improvement in the quality of sleep.

Consider that most mattresses manufactured before 2004 contain fire retardant chemicals that are known carcinogens. Mattresses treated for dust mites also may have been dipped in pesticides. Non-organic sheets and bedding may have been treated with chlorine, while other bedding materials such as micro fiber, polyester and goose down and feathers have also been found to irritate some people. Natural wool is dust mite resistant and acts as a natural fire retardant, it naturally wicks away moisture and regulates body temperature. Natural latex is also dust mite resident hypo-allergenic and both come from renewable resources. Aside from the obvious benefits, natural latex and wool are amazingly comfortable.

Combining the elements of quality natural latex and natural wool with beautiful organic color grown cotton fabric, CozyPure@ mattresses have created a product that is not only healthy and beautiful, but also outrageously comfortable and durable. Essentially, CozyPure® has mastered the art of building a perfect, wholesome sleep system

Slowly, Americans are waking up to the reality that natural and organic mattresses and bedding are improving both the quality of their lives and the health of the planet, allowing us all to turn the page to better, safer world.

Rest comfortably. Sleep well. Protect yourself and our planet.