Safe, Healthy, Natural, Organic Sleep

I wouldn’t eat it, but I’d do almost anything else with it – that’s how safe our mattresses and bedding are! Not many other mattress / bedding manufacturers can make that claim, but the quality and pureness that CozyPure® organic mattresses and bedding subscribes to is the highest of standards. Our mattresses are handmade in Norfolk, Virginia, at the Organic Mattress Factory and the rest of the CozyPure® line of products are made right here as well; all under the watchful eyes of owner Cheryl Hahn.

Your body comes in direct contact with your mattress and considering that the average person spends the equivalence of approximately 10,000 days of their lives sleeping; mattress, pillow and bedding selection is VERY important. Creating and maintaining a healthy sleep environment can be critical to a healthy existence. Breathing in and absorbing mold, mildew, dust mites, chemical toxins and other monster of traditional mattresses can be harmful to even the healthiest person and especially critical for anyone with allergies or a compromised immune system. Essentially, you are ingesting your mattress through your respiratory system and via dermal absorption, (through your skin).

Natural latex is mold, mildew and dust mite resistant. The organic wool or vegetable batting we use acts as a fire retardant. The cotton used is organically grown and all of our components and products are handled with loving care. All of the CozyPure® merchandise is designed to provide you with years of safe, comfortable enjoyment.

Today, most people are giving consideration to the chemical additives found in food, water and even the air they breathe, but overlooking the compounds and microscopic bugs in their mattresses. We all need to remember that nourishment comes to our bodies in a multitude of ways, not by just what we eat or drink. We are most vulnerable when we are asleep, but quality sleep is of prime importance to our health. Sleep well – sleep safe – sleep healthy.