Is your pillow making you sick? Mine was and I didn’t even realize it.

“Here, take this home and try it” Cheryl said to me shortly after I started here at Organic Comfort Zone and handed me a pillow. “It’s our new product, the La’Noodle pillow.”

Not meaning to seem ungrateful I thanked her and took my gift home … but honestly, I was unsure. The La’Noodle pillow seemed heavier and bulkier than any pillow I had used previously. I was concerned about how my head might sink into it. I was worried that there was not enough support for my neck.

Despite my concerns, I took my La’Noodle pillow to bed with me.

To my surprise, the pillow allowed my much more privilege of positioning than I imagined. My La’Noodle contoured to my needs and remained obediently positioned. I slept like a kitten that had a long day of play – deep and sound, however, the real surprise came in the morning.

Like many people in this southern beach community, I am plagued with allergies. Part of my morning ritual is sinus medication – or at least it was.

This first morning after sleeping on my La’Noodle, I awoke to find no sinus pressure, none of that groggy allergy feeling – nothing – I felt normal. I shrugged it off as a low-pollen count day. The following day, my experience was the same – no need for sinus meds.

Months have passed – I’m not saying that I’m completely without a sneeze or cough, but for certain, my morning congestion and head ache no longer exist. My La’Noodle pillow has contributed greatly to my well being – thanks again Cheryl!


Here’s the question – I know that my La’Noodle pillow is made from natural latex noodles that are surrounded by organic cotton stretch knit – but what was I sleeping on? And an even worse thought – what was growing inside my old pillow? Yuk.

Not surprisingly, the La’Noodle pillow has become a customer favorite here at the Organic Comfort Zone. It’s difficult to keep them in stock. For me this pillow brings me one step closer to a healthier, happier and more organic lifestyle.

If you suffer like I did, give one of these pillows a try! And sweet dreams!