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Something so intimate has become under-valued

When Food, Inc premiered at our local theatre, I told the family we were going to see it together. The film focuses on mass production, that is, our food being produced using very industrialized methods. Fatter chickens in half the time and herbivore cows forced to eat corn (which in turn gives them e-coli bacteria), all for the purpose to make plenty… and make it faster.

The way our food is produced has drastically changed over the past few decades. In sharp contrast, the marketing of our food hasn’t changed much over the years. Consumers are still shown images of red barns and American farmers tilling fields. We believe the chicken we’re buying roamed freely on a happy family farm because the packages say “Fresh” and “Natural”. Boy oh boy, have we been deceived. As I watched the film, I couldn’t help but find comparisons with the bedding industry. In particular, one sentence a Virginia farmer said:

We have allowed ourselves to be so disconnected and disinterested about something so intimate as the food we eat.

Of course, it was very easy for me to translate that line into:

We have allowed ourselves to be so disconnected and disinterested about something so intimate as the bedding we use for sleep.

Most consumers would be very surprised to find out what was inside their mattresses, after all, we are shown images of beautiful women, lying on pretty fabrics, looking peaceful and serene. But those shiny fabrics and the components inside are made primarily from petroleum-based chemicals that out-gas fumes, then later breakdown into air-borne dust particles.

Somehow, our priorities have shifted. People devalue the purchase of quality bedding. Why should they buy a healthy mattress made from all-natural and organic materials when they can get that pretty one over there for half the price? Because, just like the movie “Food, Inc” proves, consumers have fallen prey to deceitful marketing and cheap prices.

Sleep is a necessity for every breathing mammal. It promotes health and wellness. During sleep, our bodies shutdown and become vulnerable to the elements – so eliminate as much chemical contamination as possible for your body to enjoy the full benefits of a good night’s sleep. Because just like the food we eat… sleep plays a critical role in our health and wellness.

So next time you’re at the mattress market, be sure to ask: “What’s inside that bed?”

Sleep well and be happy ­čÖé ~cheryl