Stress and Sleep in America

Starting every day with a good night’s sleepTM is important year round. Here’s a national “stress and sleep” to find out what keeps Americans up at night. This year’s findings revealed a range of insights on Americans’ stress and sleep cycles. Here are some of the results:

— 65% of Americans are losing sleep due to stress
— 32% of Americans are losing sleep at least one night per week
— 16% of Americans experience stress-induced insomnia

Who is More Stressed?
— 26% of women report trouble sleeping at least once a week compared to only 16% of men
— 19% of individuals ages 45-64 admit to losing sleep due to stress a few nights per week

2% claim to worry about current events
— 16% claim personal finances
— 23% claim famiiy issues

The survey also focused on women’s wellness and the results show an interesting paradigm in how women approach their own health.

— 27% of women say sleep is the most important component to their overall well-being
— 16% of women would try getting a good night’s sleep to improve their overall wellness
— 31% of suburban moms are likely to make sleep a priority
— 50% of women with children agree that sleep is the best way to recharge, nine points higher than women without children
— 45% of women agree they feel most refreshed after a good night’s sleep
— 26% of women are likely to invest in a mattress as an in-home wellness item