The key to living in any area that is storm prone is being prepared

The November 2009 Nor’ Easter is now history, but damage throughout Hampton Roads remains.

I faired well. My little house sustained no damage and with the exception of no electricity for nearly 30 hours, I was unharmed and maybe a bit wiser and more grateful as a result.

Without electricity, some of the luxuries we assume are basic in our life cease to function. Without electricity my computer was unable to operate and I found myself suffering from writer’s withdrawal. Finally, by candle light, with paper and pencil, I recorded my thoughts and inspirations; it was quite enjoyable.

On the downside, as each hour without power passed, my house became colder. The wind and rain pounded, which increased the psychological effects of the chill. As I sat in the living-room, using a coffee table with 3 illuminated candles as a writing desk, I realized our human vulnerability to the elements. With out fur or scales like most of the other inhabitants of this planet we need something to protect us from the elements.

Decidedly chilled, I grabbed my CozyPure® organic wool comforter from my bed and carried it to the living room. I wrapped myself in it’s warmth and continued to write. The weather was all the inspiration I needed as my comforter sheltered me from the cold. I felt warm, safe, secure and content.

Cuddling under my wool covering, I began to fantasize about days gone by; before there was electrically powered homes and modern heating systems. I thought about what life must have been like when people cared for themselves with what nature had provided for them. My CozyPure® organic wool comforter is much like what folks from long ago would have used for warmth, comfort and security. In truth, my CozyPure® wool comforter may be more elegantly crafted and durable than those from days gone by, but essentially, it is much the same; pure and natural.

The key to living in any area that is storm prone is being prepared. In addition to the obvious essentials such as food and water, I also keep candles, flashlights and my comforter handy just in case… and now is the perfect time for making preparations.

– Rex