The making of a new and improved organic sofa day bed.

In between doing this and doing that – today I’ve been working on the redesign of our EcoTerra Sofa Day Bed. I love our EcoTerra and we use two of them in my family room. Comfortable, spacious, sturdy and attractive, but I also know some folks want a more “traditional” look of an upholstered sofa. It’s something I’ve been wanting to rework since we introduced the EcoTerra a few months ago. So today I made the commitment to spend a few hours working with padding, pillows, fabrics, tucking, tying, tossing and just nodding my head yes or no. After many different prototypes I’m pretty sure the way I want to go will not be an option but rather a choice between covered side and back panels with cushion inserts OR the wrap around arm cushions.

I hope to wrap this project up by end of this week or early next week.

The NEW configuration will include the wood frame and mattress-seat-cushion ONLY – then the customers will begin to “build and design” their own sofa using various pillows, cushions and fabric combinations. I’m excited about the EcoTerra since it’s one of the very few “authentic” organic sofas offered. No soy-based foams or springs or synthetic blended fabrics. This is the real deal from the sustainable wood to the natural rubber to the certified organic cotton. Just about all the pieces are modular and separately replaceable if necessary which is really great for long-term practicality.

As soon as we complete the final finishing touches of the new fabric panels, we’ll post photos and a video to show the different configurations. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!