As many of you know, we began restoration of an old historic warehouse back in late August.

Well… even though it’s not completely finished, we’re moving in anyway. It’s exciting to have so much more space (25,000 sf) in a beautiful building with history and architecture, they just don’t make buildings like this anymore.

The synergy is perfect because they just don’t make bedding the same way anymore either – unless of course it’s CozyPure. We make bedding the old-fashioned way. We use our hands and natural materials. Just like our new location. It was built without power tools using hands and brick.

We belong in this space.  And we’re excited.

We apologize in advance if we’re a little behind with things as we progress through our move-in while we continue to operate under renovations. We appreciate your patience. We appreciate your support. We appreciate you business. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

If you’re in the area, we hope you come visit us at our new location:
2308 Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia.


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