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Natural Latex Mattress Production Start to Finish

As you rest on your mattress ask yourself this: Does your mattress come full circle?

Unlike most conventional mattresses which contain 100% chemicals, a mattress made with REAL organic latex rubber offers you the benefits of longevity, comfort and a safe haven.

The video below explores  the production of an organic latex mattress core. The video begins by showing the absolute beauty of the natural rain forest in Sri Lanka. There are thousands of acres of healthy green rubber trees in Sri Lanka while the workers start the process  of tapping them. Each tree weeps approximately one tablespoon of rubber per day.

To make one queen size core it takes 2500 trees to cultivate enough rubber.

Harvesting and tapping rubber allows the locals of Sri Lanka to make a decent living from the own beautiful natural resources. The Alternative would be to work in sweatshop factories  while being paid much less. After the milk has been harvested from the rubber tree the workers take it the factory to be mixed and then poured into a bowl. In this bowl it is then baked into rubber latex. The newly made latex core is washed, dried and then tested to ensure the correct density. Afterwards, the natural latex core is packaged and shipped to the USA where we cut it to size and layer it with luxurious wool batting and a soft organic cotton fabric. Finally, the all natural latex mattress is packaged and sent to customers around the world to enjoy a wonderful and healthy nights sleep.

As you can see, the natural latex core comes to what we at CozyPure like to call “full circle.” The core benefits everyone and everything around it. Starting from the natural and sustainable tree it comes from to the benefits a customer will get by sleeping on it.  



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