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What is mattress ticking? Is it important?

organic cotton stretch knit ticking

Mattress ticking is the outside fabric used to cover your mattress. And YES it is very important…. especially on a natural latex mattress.

Often people overlook the ticking, when it plays a crucial role in the overall comfort of your mattress. Natural latex rubber mattresses offer us that extraordinary comfort of unique softness with support, and choosing the proper ticking is vital. The best fabric to cover latex is a stretch knit organic cotton because it enhances the natural performance of the latex.

We evaluated hundreds of different fabric swatches from various mills before choosing to run our exclusive CozyPure® 3-layer knit. Our Skal-certified organic cotton ticking is comprised of a stretch knit on the outer two layers with yarn inside for extra cushioning and quality. Be careful of canvas. Similar to muslin and duck, canvas fabric is stiff so it doesn’t allow you to feel the true benefits of the latex (which doesn’t make sense). We also looked at a lighter weight canvas that was brushed for softness, but it didn’t pass our “rub” test. We found that after a few vigorous rubbings, the brushed canvas literally started to brush away… the fabric becoming thinner and thinner. Obviously, we nixed that too. Damask and jacquard are wonderful fabrics, and we will likely use them in future mattresses that contain other components… but we decided to use the knit for our natural latex mattresses, because latex moves and a fabric that will move with it is optimum to really get the true benefits.

If cheap is what you want, cheap is what you’ll get. Basic, cheap ticking can bring the price of a mattress down considerably, and it will do nothing to improve the feel of your mattress (for example, with synthetic ticking you’ll sleep very clammy). However, if you want to invest in comfort and quality, look beyond the cheap and consider beautiful natural fiber ticking that provides you the benefits of the components you are paying for because (as we all know) in the long run you get what you pay for…. Cheap Sleep or Sleep Well?

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