We Gotta Find Another Way To Make The World Go Round

In our everyday lives, how many of us actually think about saying high to the mailman or complimenting a stranger on the street. Committing random acts of kindness is not only good for your own karma, but it helps to boost the quality of the nature of humanity. Who doesn’t get excited when someone compliments their new scarf or their eyes. We can all join together to make the world a better place just by being kinder and more thoughtful human beings.

It may sound a little narcissistic, but I do take offense to writing a good paper in school and receiving no compliments or even comments about it, not even from the teacher. In turn, this makes me can angrier than I might have been because of all the effort that I put into the assignment only to not hear anything good about it. It works that way with most things, if someone puts effort into the way that they dress they expect heads to turn so why not turn your head, even if only because they look like they actually tried to look nice.

Its not as if you should run out and donate your entire life savings to charity, but paying a good deed forward can never be a bad thing. Why must we go about ignoring the people and things that are part of our lives? These people and these things are there for a reason and we should be thankful for them to some extent. If there is nothing going well in your life then turn the other cheek and make the bast of every situation because sometimes that is the only thing that you can do.

Here at the Organic Comfort Zone we do our best to treat our customers with the respect that they deserve because it makes both them and ourselves feel better. Living green doesn’t just mean looking after our beautiful environment, but its also look after the beautiful people that surround us. There is a song out there by Marilyn Manson with the lyrics “its a beautiful world/ just ugly people.” I look around and see these lyrics to be true in many cases as one man kicks dirt in another mans face or even when I see children scolding other children on the playground, excluding them from their games. Instead, why can’t we shake hands and play on each others team. Here is our solution to world peace at the Organic Comfort Zone: sleep with a stranger.

Just kidding, that solution is a bit rash. However, when I went to the trade in Washington D.C. I was able to carry around a sign that read “Free Naps and Hugs,” and that sign got a lot of people excited because something as simple as a hug can make someones whole day. In our everyday lives we might want to see a little kindness emitted from the souls of other people be cause “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

We all have a heart, why don’t we use it more often? If we did the world might be a better place, or at least a little less scary. Sunday, bloody, Sunday, everyone, that’s how I’ll end this post. Thank you for reading.

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