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If CBS says organic bedding is important then it must be true!

Actually we’ve been teaching (and providing) the benefits of organic sleep for 20 years… but it’s always great when an official news source such as ABC, NBC, or CBS also states the claim that bedding is one of the important product choices when choosing something “organic”.

People often times don’t think of how intimate they are with their bedding and mattress. You get close.  In fact, you get close for one-third of your life cuddled up in that bedding. Probably closer than anything else in your life, right?

And when you get that close to something for that amount of time, you want to be assured it feels good and it’s safe for you too.  After all we’re not twenty-one forever. There comes a time when we have to get serious about what we’re getting close to… it’s that simple.

Most conventional bedding and mattresses are made from synthetic materials derived from petroleum as well as soaked with other undisclosed chemicals you can’t spell yet alone pronounce. We love the fact that our CozyPure Organic Bedding and Natural Latex Mattresses are made with ingredients from the Earth that your body will naturally resonate with to enjoy healthy, deep sleep.

You can spell and pronounce every ingredient: Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Natural Latex Rubber. “That’s all folks!”

No foams dipped in funky stuff or fabrics coated with shiny stuff.

Improvements and new technology are very good up to a point;  however there are some things that are best left simple, pure and undisturbed. Like sleeping. And getting close. Be sure your mattress and bedding are up for that simple challenge. If not, we can help.