Making an Organic Mattress with a Smile

We’ve all heard the famous “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”, from the popular Broadway hit musical “ANNIE”.  But did you know….?  Adding a smile on your face really does enhance your emotions by making you feel more positive and putting you in a better mood.

Here at Organic Comfort Zone – CozyPure® we love it when we’re smiling and find it true that a smile is a quick and easy way to bust stress on extra-hectic days.  Here’s a picture taken recently to prove it.

We’re happy making an organic mattress for you, even on our most busy days!

Evidence shows that SMILING makes you happy.  We believe happy workers make for a better company.  Our great customer service and wonderful organic comfort products are taken to the next level of exceptional quality when we feel good about what we’re doing and when we’re happy.


Work can be fun. In fact, it should be fun.  At least that’s how we feel because when we’re happy we do our very best… and therefore our customers get the best-of-the-best products and service we can deliver… which of course then makes our customers very happy.  HA!  Now that’s coming full-circle with a grin 🙂


Do you find you're happier when you smile? Do you think you're more productive when you're happy at work? If you're not sure... then try it now. Just add a SMILE to your face for the next hour. Let us know what happens!


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