Your Mind: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Is your mind content with what you have to say about things? Of coarse it is, otherwise it would never have thought it to begin with. Don’t let your mind hold you back because you are not completely confident in what you have to say. What you have to say is unique and valuable, it is like voting, and every voter has a voice.

1.) Smile. No one was ever hurt from smiling. Get up every morning and look in the mirror and smile, smile, smile. Smile. Smile. Smile, again, don’t ever stop. You’re not a punk if you smile.

2.) Do good things. Do good things for others. Do good things for yourself. Treat yourself with love and respect, but never forget that you are not the only person on this planet. The better you are to other people the better you will be to yourself. Make good use of your time, save the world!

3.) If you’re bored that means that you’re a boring person. Get on your feet and have fun. Go walk, run, climb, and frolic in the sun. There is a world outside of your computers and televisions. There are people to be met. being bored is only a state of mind. The less time you have to be bored the less time you have to regret. The less boring you will be.

4.) Stop killing yourself over things that happened years, months, days, or even hours ago. All things happen and then they are over with. It was a mistake, learn from it. Pity yourself for a whole second if you must, but no more than that. There is no use in spending time reflecting on all of your flaws and all of the errors that you’ve made in your life. There is so little precious time to be spent living today, so go do it. Don’t let anything or anyone stop it, especially yourself.

5.) Do what you want to do and make no apologies (of coarse, there is no need to be an outright A-hole about anything.) So long as there is no harm, no foul, doing what you want to do should never be your problem. If a stranger doesn’t like the way that you’re singing out of your car window turn your radio up and turn the other cheek. Remember to be kind to others, but don’t let them walk all over you. One must find a balance between right and wrong.

“Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.”
I don’t exactly know who penned this quote to begin with, but I do know that it is true. If you let your mind become your enemy, God knows it can take you down faster than anyone that you know. Just remember that you will be you no matter what and that you should not have to change for anyone or for anything, because the core of who you are is someone special. If trained well, your mind can also be your best friend and strongest ally. Instead of that voice telling you that you can’t do something it will become the voice that preaches out that you can do something. You can at least attempt it, never let the world stop you from being you and doing what you like.



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