Organic Mattress & Bedding Retailers

No… you won’t find us in retail mattress stores.

Through the years we thought about offering our products in retail stores, especially because we had so many requests. After weighing the pros and cons, we decided not to pursue a retailer program…. and go wholeheartedly “factory-direct”.

Here’s just a few reasons we decided to commit to this 100%

# 1 – We realized how passionate we are about our CozyPure®. Like so many brands who are seeking direct-to-consumer relationships, this common ideal to represent your brand directly makes sense in many cases, because we’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our customers and focus entirely on our products and services.

We also get direct customer feedback for suggestions and improvements, which allows for building a better company, a better product and a better experience for our customers.

# 2 – Going factory-direct, we can keep our prices down. For instance our Organic Comfort Zone mattress collection (GOLS-certified organic five-zoned latex) was already under-priced in the “retail” market, then our raw material costs went up. If we were to move forward with a retail store program, the new prices on mattresses would increase by at least $1000 retail this year. By selling direct, we didn’t have to increase our prices.

We love our mattresses so much, we want everyone to be able to afford one of their very own!

# 3 – Looking into the future, more and more people are comfortable shopping on the internet, especially when you can get a great price. The trend continues as manufacturers who’ve never dealt with consumers, are finding ways to sell directly to their customers.

Not having a middle-man markup allows manufacturers to provide much better pricing.

Overall the main reason we’re enthusiastic about committing to factory-direct with no retailers, is we always dealt directly with our customers, so why change a good thing?

The idea of having to increase all of our pricing from mattresses to pillows to blankets just to go in a retail store didn’t make sense. Our customers would have to pay higher prices and we would have lower margins (selling wholesale), plus more importantly, we would lose the direct-connection to our customers.

Ultimately, the best way to properly take care of our customers (whether it be pricing or services), is through a direct relationship, not through a secondary retail point-of-contact. And that’s why… you won’t find us in retail stores.



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