It started with a kiss…

There’s been a lot of excitement from customers about our “new” kiss collection.

The truth is though, it sort of started with a “kiss” because this is just like the mattress we offered 20 years ago (except our fabric is nicer now).

It’s also similar to what lots of organic brands offer today.

We discontinued this collection a few years ago when we decided to offer all of our mattresses with GOLS-certified 5-zone organic latex. But the thing is, the 100% natural latex rubber is a fantastic alternative for folks who are looking for a quality bed made from natural materials, but don’t want to pay the higher cost affiliated with the GOLS organic certificate or a premium five-zone responsive core.

So what’s the difference between our “Organic Comfort zone Collection” and our “Natural Comfort kiss Collection”?

They both feature our organic cotton matelasse stretch-knit fabric
They both feature reverse-flip comfort (two-sided design)
They both feature 100% wool as the natural fire barrier
They both feature zippered casing so you can adjust your comfort
They both feature 100% natural rubber with no synthetic blends or fillers
Purchasing either one will make you a Cuddle-Up Club member and enjoy 20% Off on our bedding accessories for life

They have a lot in common because they’re both wonderful mattresses.
Here’s the subtle difference:

Natural Comfort kiss Collection
features Monozone Natural Latex

natual latex kiss collection

Organic Comfort zone Collection
features Zoned Organic Latex

organic latex zone collection

Of course the other difference is the price.

Offering these options allow our customers to choose what’s most important to them, without having to sacrifice any quality.

If certified-organic latex is important to you, or if responsive zoning is important to you,
then choose the “Organic Comfort zone Collection“.

If pricing is a concern, yet you still want a mattress made with premium natural materials,
then choose the “Natural Comfort kiss Collection“.

Still have questions? Give us a call Monday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm EST, we’ll be happy to assist you!