The Makeover of Maggie May


One year ago, on August 20th 2014, CozyPure began making a new home on Granby Street in Norfolk. The renovation of CozyPure’s new showroom and workshop was an amazing process. And for those who didn’t get to witness the transformation, it is hard to believe that the location where organic comfort is now made fresh daily could’ve ever come together so well and so quickly.

CozyPure owner Cheryl Hahn felt a kinship and synergy with the old place on Granby street from the second she saw it. When it became available, she jumped at the chance to make the century-old building vital again and the new home of CozyPure. But to do that, the building had to be stripped down and made over from head to toe.

In order to make the monumental task of converting the gigantic Granby street location into the CozyPure showroom and workshop, Cheryl needed to humanize the building to keep herself going. If it had a name, it had a reason to be nursed back to health. Naturally Cheryl’s first thought was to name the building after her dear departed mother, Margaret. Add that to her relationship with the building having so many similarities to the classic Rod Stewart song, “Maggie May,” the name was quite evident.

In the painstaking months of gutting, repairing and refreshing the old building, even the craftsmen and builders that worked so hard to bring the building back to glory began to refer to the handmade structure by the name “Maggie.” Her spirit began to enchant the entire crew, each one becoming dedicated to restoring the old gal to her glory days.

One year later, now that Maggie May is pretty much all fixed up, we would like to share the transformation of the new CozyPure location. Through before and after photographs posted chronologically (or as chronologically as possible), you can witness the makeover of Maggie May and appreciate the commitment and hard work that went into getting her back to her old glory.

We hope you come visit Maggie May at our new location: 2308 Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia. She may just steal your heart.

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