Whether Your Taste is Antique or Contemporary – An Organic Mattress is the Right Choice

Today, most bed-frames and mattresses are standard sizes, but every now and then we get a request for an odd sized mattress. Usually, someone with a special size request has a cherished antique bed that requires a nonstandard size mattress. Because we have our own factory, most requests can be accommodated and ready for delivery in about 5 days.

If you own an antique bed, then you will understand what I mean when I say that when you climb into bed at night, you are wrapping yourself in history. Your antique bed may have been passed down from generations and if it could speak, would tell countless stories of secrets, romance, love and nurturing, but antique beds aren’t perfect. Bed sizes weren’t standardized until this century and old beds, which are commonly three-quarter size, are usually too short or narrow for modern mattresses and they don’t take a foundation.

CozyPure® organic / natural mattresses are a perfect match for antique bed-frames. Because of the old school, hand-built quality put into every mattress we manufacture, it reflects the kind of craftsmanship once considered back in the days when beautiful old bed frames were built. A natural latex mattress is mold, mildew and dust mite resistant, and anyone who has slept on one can tell you about the comfort and support that they provide.

Most antique bed-frames were designed to last for several lifetimes; they were meant to be purchased once and to never need replacement. A CozyPure® organic, natural latex mattress is much the same way. Our mattresses are made to last 20 or more years without compromising their comfort or support.

Whether your taste in bed-frame is contemporary or if you prefer an antique; the best mattress to put on top of it is a CozyPure® organic mattress.

Sleep well, sleep healthy and Chill Out Naturally®