Are You Really Allergic to Your Bedding?

It’s no secret people can be sensitive to certain types of fabric. There are those who suffer allergic reactions when exposed to latex, and some may complain of rashes and other skin irritation when they wear a certain type of clothing. When it comes to bedding, it’s important to make sure what you sleep on doesn’t cause you discomfort. If you plan to spend eight hours a night lying down, you definitely don’t want to wake up sneezing!

Many manufacturers of green bedding products will tell you that you are better off buying organic bedding – mattresses, sheets, and pillows – to combat allergies and health problems. What if, however, you believe you are allergic to cotton or wool? Is there any hope for a comfortable night’s sleep?

Consider this: with all the different chemicals and additives used to treat fabrics, there is a possibility you have associated an allergy to a fabric merely because you see it. You itch when you put on a shirt, and you automatically think it’s the shirt. You can see and touch the shirt, but not necessarily the dyes and soaps that have been used on it. Consider the possibility it is not so much a cotton or wool fabric that makes you sick, but these chemicals.

When in doubt, take the opportunity to have an allergy test. This will help you determine exactly what bothers you, and if you find cotton and wool are not the culprits, you can look for alternative bedding ideas. Contact stores and suppliers that deal in organic bedding and make sure what they offer does not contain the allergens that irritate your skin or sinuses.

You may find, as you learn more about your body and tolerance, some allergies may be misdiagnosed. For the sake of getting a proper night’s sleep, take a test to see if you are truly allergic to your bedding.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on latex mattresses and latex pillows.