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Away at college and tucked-in safely

GREEN TIDINGS by Cheryl Hahn

You’ve kissed their boo-boos, provided unlimited hugs and tucked them safely into bed every night. Now your little baby is all grown up and going away to college. As a parent, you want to send them off with a great start.

Providing a nourishing environment, that encourages proper rest and relaxation, is crucial. Healthy minds need healthy sleep. Unfortunately, most dorm mattresses have been used for several years. Many are covered in plastic vinyl, and the majority? Very uncomfortable. So what’s the solution?


If you’re lucky, and the mattress seems to be in pretty good shape, then you only need a mattress pad to cover the surface. Select natural fabrics such as organic cotton or wool, both of which breathe and help dissipate moisture. Avoid synthetic materials which have a tendency to build up body heat and clammy night-sweats.

If you’re not so lucky, and the mattress looks old and feels terrible, you may want to consider buying a new one. Of course, that’s not a realistic option for most folks, so a great alternative is adding a comfortable mattress topper.

The best choices are made using healthy components such as natural latex or wool. Natural materials resonate with our bodies to promote deep and uninterrupted sleep. Added bonus: both wool and natural latex are dust-mite resistant, plus they don’t off-gas harmful toxic chemicals.

Not to be forgotten are bed linens, pillows and blankets. Cuddle-up with crisp organic cotton sheets, temperature-regulating wool comforters and natural-fill pillows, such as the snuggly La’Noodle.

In lieu of a kiss goodnight, these essential elements can make or break the sleeping experience by offering your child comfort and security while away from home.

The academic milestone of heading off to college is emotionally bittersweet. Leaving home, along with hectic schedules, means virtual hugs and kisses via Facebook. But if you send them off with the proper bedding, at least you’ll know they’re tucked in safely every night.


Cheryl Hahn is founder of Norfolk-based businesses Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of organic bedding and Tomorrow’s World, one of America’s first eco-stores. For more information visit or, or call (757) 480-8500.