Dream Soundly



So many things can have either a positive or a negative effect on a persons dreaming. One of these is the smells that surround you during bed time, and also sounds. These factors can influence what you are dreaming about, the objects and small details that make up the subconscious world. Have you ever had your alarm clock incorporated into your dream? Or have you had a dream sequence after falling asleep while jamming to a CD or watching a movie or reading a book? This is because your mind retains the subjects that these stimulants produce – imagery, music, smells. Dreaming is the the body’s sleep defense system, so that when something impacts the environment around you, your dream does whatever it can to coordinate it. There are many factors as to why you are dreaming what you are dreaming, some being hidden desires and or even simple things can dictate the narration of a dream as you walk down a scenic route because you are feeling ‘calm’ that night.

When people are stressed out they are more likely to experience nightmares or not dreaming at all. Simple solutions can be as easy as exercising or meditating. When a person is relaxed and is open to the idea of sleeping and dreaming they will most likely experience calmer dreams. When providing one’s body with the proper comfort they will fall into a deeper sleep, capable of taking them to higher ground in their dreams.

Many people do not seem to realize that REM sleep has been said to aid memory-forming and when one dreams more they find that they remember more information in their waking hours than those who do not dream (or sleep.) Once believed to be an outlet for the rage that we bottle inside of us during the day, scientists have since discovered psychological effects of not dreaming. In a study conducted by William Dement in 1960, in which subjects were awoken during REM sleep, found that they experience “mild psychological disturbances such as anxiety, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.” Correlation between dreaming and physical ability is being further studied, with strong factors supporting that it has an effect on one’s physical capabilities.

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Our dreams can sometimes be read as things that pertain to our lives, and be translated for better understanding. Idea’s that consume your sleeping mind – like the falling dream, or being chased, or the realization that you are nude in front of a crowd – can be interpreted into a simple things such as having too much on your plate, or feeling spun out of control. While dreaming about flying could correspond to your new found confidence! Learn how to read your dreams and maybe it can improve your outlook on life.

What is hardest about dreaming is remembering it! If one slips into the habit of telling themselves that they will remember their dreams when they wake up and keep a journal or notepad by the bed to jot down your thoughts after waking they can help in remembering what took place in their dreams, bringing you one step closer to pin-pointing why you are so stressed.

As the body’s sleep defense it only makes sense that the deeper one may fall into sleep, the more dreams would come of it because there is more room to dream soundly in your creative mind. Dreams are very important because they help people to get in tune with their inner thoughts and emotions. If you are not sleeping comfortably and securely, than your dreams are most likely being effected by this. With the proper comfort a body is allowed to indulge in deep thought and imagination. Make sure that the mattress you are sleeping on is allowing for the proper support that your body needs.