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Eat, Breath, and Sleep: Happy

We, as people, tend to overlook the simple things in our life, the things that, if looked at in the right light, should be making us happy. Some of these things include: Having a place to sleep at night, having food to eat, and having people around to support you through tough times. It is understandable why we might overlook some of these things in life, because it is human nature to strive to be better, to look for the next best thing, to shake things up. Our tendency to become unhappy is all in the way that we look at our life. For example, a child who receives a Christmas present that was at the top of their list will enjoy the gift until, of course, they grow out of it. At which point the child will begin to look for something new that might satisfy them. 

In order to be happy, we must first learn to appreciate all of the good that we have in our lives. An easy way to do this is by actually taking the time out of your day to smile at the little joys. Countless people in my life continually complain about the most common things, like getting a zit or getting a flat tire. Now, getting a flat tire might make a person angry in the heat of the moment, and will most likely put a damper on their day, but by no means should it keep you awake at night, angry at the world. Things happen because things happen, there may be a reason behind them, and there may not be. In the case of us humans, it is best not to read into every small thing that happens to us in our live because eventually they might add up. Instead, we must find a balance, and perhaps what we can do when we get a flat tire is to get out of the car, walk away from the vehicle, and take a deep breath. Let the angst out, and then return to your car and do what needs to be done. Simple things like this can reduce stress and ultimately keep us from pondering the bad things for too long.


Getting out in the sun, walking through the park, showing and receiving affection, smiling more, these are all things that, although so very simple, can make people happier in their day to day lives. Science has proven that the release of endorphins, which react with brain receptors to reduce pain. Endorphins are released through a surplus of activities, including exercise, dancing, gardening, and all of the above mentioned. The release of endorphins can also strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, and increase your energy.

Another thing that will improve your happiness is, wait for it….SLEEP! Sleep has been proven to help us focus and keep our heads on straight, for the most part. But more sleep can make us less sensitive to negative emotions. When you wake up grumpy, of course your negative emotions are still intact. On weekdays you may wake up to an alarm clock that disrupts your dreams and pulls you out from your slumber like a punch to the face, the sunlight peeking through the windows can screw itself.  On the weekends, though, after having slept ten hours straight and waking up on your own accord you might find the  sunlight that streams in through your windows is beautiful in the way that it peeks through the curtains and the blinds, letting you know that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Organic bedding makes your mattress even more of a sanctuary in that you are not sleeping on harmful chemicals such as petroleum and other harmful toxins.


So, maybe its time that we stop overlooking all of the good things in our lives, the people and things that surround us, and instead overlook the bad things, the flat tires that try and keep us from getting along with our day. Instead of seeing sticky situations as a mess, look at them as a way to challenge your wits, and come out of every experience a new person. Never forget to learn from your mistakes, and love always, because “what it all comes down to, is that everything is going to be quite all right.”

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