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Have a Green St. Patty’s Day!

As we know, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day, and, as we know, St. Patrick’s day is just a week away. While the actual holiday is on a Monday, the parades and such will be held over weekend, which means endless partying for some, and trash, trash, and even more trash to be swallowed up by the sad streets that these parades and parties take place on. Despite being a holiday that thrives off of the drunken minds of those who celebrate it, we can all still find the time to throw away our surplus of empty beer bottles and our cans of confetti and streamers and beads. If we can’t pick up our trash and various other debris for ourselves or for our environment, we should at least do it for St. Patrick on his special day, and for all of the Irish.


A day to worship Shamrocks and vodka shots, St. Patrick’s day, or should I say the day of its festivities, has much in store for those who celebrate it. The first rule of St. Patty’s day is that one must wear green or they’ll receive a pinch! However, as we dance around the crowded streets of the parades, we must not only try to wear green, but we must also be, we must also think green. What easier way to start being green than by simply placing your trash in the trashcan rather than throwing it aside as the rest of the worlds problem. That’s not very saintly, now is it?

You can also buy your St. Patrick’s day clothes from a thrift store or reuse old outfits. Buying used products reduces the trash that will be sent to a landfill while also saving you money on a great deal. Instead of using plastic bags to carry your goodies in, try using tote, or other multifunctional bags, that way you are saving the environment while also saving you a couple of cents per bag at the grocery store.  Plant something green, drink and eat organic foods, and do whatever else you can to reduce, reuse, and to recycle.

Spruce up the holiday with green beers and other kinds of ale. Have fun in going about your Saint Patrick’s day celebrations and remember that there could be no better way to celebrate the holiday than by going green in everything that you might do, no matter if it is sitting around the house all day or going out and enjoying all of the parades and the parties that come with the holiday in which everyone is celebrated as Irish.