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People assume that if something’s for sale, it’s safe. Unfortunately, this is not true.

The Human Experiment, a documentary narrated by Sean Penn, investigates consumer products available for sale which we think are safe, yet contain thousands of unregulated chemicals.

Did you know that we’re exposed to over 80,000 potentially harmful synthetic chemicals every day? Of the almost 85,000 chemicals only 200 have been tested for safety.

Meanwhile, every year over 1,000 new chemicals are registered for use, yet unregulated for safety. Once you learn about some of the more shocking ingredients, you can start to phase them out by switching to safer alternative products. One of the easiest ways to do this is simply understanding the ingredients; if you don’t know a word listed on the label then it’s likely a chemical ingredient that you should research and find out if you’re comfortable using it.

We’re not saying all chemicals are bad. In fact some can help enhance our lives such as medications and certain plastics (eyeglasses, equipment, appliances, etc). However, since chemicals are virtually everywhere they’re basically impossible to eliminate completely which is why we suggest making your bedroom a sanctuary. It’s one place you really can choose safe, natural products to envelope yourself in a healthy healing space for eight hours and greatly reduce your chemical exposure.

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