Throwback Thursday

Ok, so I was doing some digging and I found a very funny video (funny in my perspective, at least, because I’ve grown so much since) that I would like to share with fellow readers. If you have been in the showroom within the past four years (with the exclusion of 2013 perhaps) you might have seen my display in all of its glory; however, we had to take it down because so many pieces were falling off of the poster board! Anyways, this is my eighth grade science fair project and I remember being so proud of the final draft once finished.

To begin with, let me give you some background information: this project was based on my mother’s organic bedding business, which she runs from Ocean View in Norfolk, Virginia. Because of this business I decided to do my project on organic bedding materials and how fast all of them burn.

In the video you will see me burning four different kinds of fibers: Wool, Cotton, PLA Polyester, and PET Polyester. I enjoyed doing this project and learning about the way that these materials all deal with the fire that is emitted upon them. Lets move on now, if you want to see the cute eighth grade version of myself click the link below!


So, as you could see in the video I was a weird little thing back in the eighth grade, but hey that was four years ago! I’ve grown nearly a foot since then!

Still, as you can infer from the video, the safer bedding materials are going to be the organic ones (Wool and Cotton.) The two polyester samples burned so easily because of the petroleum that they were dipped in and sleeping with your body encompassed in a giant sack of petroleum doesn’t sound too nice, does it? Also, while many companies who use wool have passed the cigarette butt test, they will not pass the new open flame test because of the chemically treated wool in their bedding. However, as you witnessed yourself, this wool that we use here at the Organic Comfort Zone is not chemically treated and therefore WILL pass an open flame test, as seen in the video.

Cotton, on the other hand, burns like a cinder because it is dry and wiry, but it does not burst into flames because it is an organic material. Again, no chemicals are added into CozyPure products. Think about lighting your skin on fire. Will you spontaneously burst into flames because of it? No, because that is not the way that science works. However, if you were dipped in a barrel of petroleum you’ll be light up like a torch and wont stop burning until there is none of you left. Or until someone puts you out, but keep in mind that that will be pretty hard and that you’ll still suffer from numerous scars, so don’t try anything of that sort at home.

Anyways, happy Throwback Thursday! Enjoy reminiscing on your favorite memories and those disastrous awkward years that some of us just never grow out of…



eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.