Tossing and Turning All Night…

Last night I didn’t get the best sleep. It wasn’t because I was anxious, stressed or worried. It wasn’t because my bed was too hard or too soft.  It was something that told me summer is right around the corner.

I was just too hot. And not in a way that made my husband go “woo woo”.  I suffered from the heat in the bedroom.

So the first thing I did was quickly go over the DOs and DONTs:

  • 100% natural blankets – no synthetics? Check.
  • 100% natural mattress – no synthetics? Check.
  • 100% cotton linens? Check.
  • 100% cotton PJs? Check.
  • Any medications? Nope.
  • Any illness? Nope.
  • Time of the month? Nope.

That left only one more thing…

When I checked the thermostat I saw it was 82 degrees. EIGHTY-TWO DEGREES!  Even though it was a nice night outside, our bedroom was not getting any breeze through the open windows. It was pretty stifling. I thought about kicking on the AC but then realized I would have to go into the kids rooms to close their windows.  It was 2am. I couldn’t risk waking them up too. So instead I sweated it out and was grateful for at least having the occasional breeze from the ceiling fan.

The optimum temperature for sleeping is 68 degrees – give or take a few. My bedroom was almost 15 degrees above the ideal so it’s no wonder I was tossing and turning all night. It seems like only yesterday we had the heat on and now we have to put on the AC already?

What happened to the beautiful and comfortable Spring time weather? Did I miss it? Or maybe I slept right through it…

Cheryl Hahn is the President and Founder of Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure® organic mattresses and bedding and Tomorrow’s World, one of America’s first green-living stores.