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Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Last weekend there was a chill in the air as my friends and I went for a walk through downtown Ghent, the sun had just set and it was the perfect time to get a glimpse of the houses decorated in beautiful Christmas lights and other various decorations. I remember the night clearly because I was freezing. What happened shortly after going outside was that my friend was ‘cold’, although layered with long sleeves, a new scarf, and a jacket, and so me, being the kind person that I am, offered up my own coat to her and took on the suffering that came with thirty degree weather with nothing but a light button up shirt on.

My coat is a comfortable one of the cotton genre, I love it very much for it provides me much comfort in the cold months. Upon putting on my coat, my friend exclaimed “Wow, this coat is warm!” as if that was not already expected. It wasn’t until after this that I saw the polyester rag that she was wearing as a jacket that posed as something that might keep her warm. Sure, her tunic looked nice, but it didn’t seem to provide her with the necessary comfort needed for the cold months. I replied briskly, “What did you expect? I don’t shop cheap!” and yet, I had purchased the comfortable article of clothing from a local thrift store for about five dollars. However, this price did not effect the quality of the coat and to this day I stay wrapped up in it.

The reason I reflect on this particular occasion is to emphasize the importance of quality clothing, especially during the long, chilly months of the winter. Without these clothes, perhaps you might drive around a neighborhood in order to appreciate the decorations, or not do anything of that matter at all, and what fun would that be? Finding clothes that are stylish and comforting AND organic can be as simple as stopping into a thrift store and looking around until you find that perfect match, and believe me, where there is a thrift store there is an old wool sweater to fit everyone’s needs, believe me, I have twelve of them.

You don’t want to drive around when you can just as easily walk and incorporate a small dose of fitness into whatever your daily routine may be. You can eliminate exhaust fumes and experience the rush of cold air blowing across your cheeks and jack frost nipping at your nose when you make the simple choice to walk around the block to pick up your holiday eggnog from the market. However, once inside, don’t forget to cozy up next to the warm fire with an engrossing book or watch a classic Christmas film (my favorite is ‘The Year Without A Santa Clause“) with the rest of the family while bundled up under a crisp cotton blanket or wool comforter. With items like this you can make the best of your time inside off the house, while trimming those heating bills down a little bit.

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Another thing that makes the cold air bearable are my wool socks which I keep rolled up to my knees at nearly all times of the day, whenever I am wearing them, that is. Cotton socks do the trick too, but nothing compares to my wool ones, or a quiet evening alone (for those who get the reference ;P). About a month ago I went on a camping trip with some friends, we spent the night on the beach and man was it COLD outside. The following day I was actually surprised that most of us had made it out alive, though not without any troubles along the way. One way that I kept myself from becoming a block of ice was by not messing with the wool socks that covered my legs, I simply placed them on my legs, pulled them up my calves and let them do the rest of the work. Surprisingly, I stayed warmer than most of the others in our troop because of this (I was also wearing my thrift store jacket and about three layers of shirts.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should not let the weather take a toll on the activities that you love to do. If you want to go out for a stroll through the park then do it! Just make sure that you are bundled up and prepared before making the venture outside. If you feel the need to go camping then who cares what anybody says about the snow that is supposed to hit the ground that evening, go for it! Put on some wool socks, a pair of comfortable hiking boots, layer up those shirts, package yourself away into a pair of long johns, build you fire and enjoy the night! The winter will be gone quicker than you realize, so make the best of it and do your own thing.






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