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Physiology of Sleep

The relation between sleep deprivation and weight gain is debatable, however there
is some science behind the concept of it. The important question everyone has been
asking since the beginning of sleep study is whether or not sleep has any
physiological effects. A recent study performed on rats in which the experimental
group went a substantial amount of time without sleep while the control group
received time to sleep indicated paramount conclusions. The results were clear:
sleep distress increased the likelihood of severe debilitation and even death in
those who were part of the experimental group, while the control group suffered
no consequences.

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What is also significant about sleep studies is that after even one night of sleep
destitution one's ghrelin levels may rise. Ghrelin is a chemical produced to alert
us of whether or not we are hungry and need food. Reports show that after 3 nights
of sleep regulation (7 hours the first night, 4.5 hours the second night, and total
sleep restriction on the last night) men with a normal BMI stated that they felt a
remarkably stronger feeling of hunger. The science behind it cleared up that ghrelin
levels were indeed at a much higher percentage after sleep deprivation than after a
normal 7 - 8 hour rest period.
Whether or not comfort has an affect on ghrelin levels is unsettled. But comfort in
bedding material surely can help one fall asleep easier - and for all the right
reasons. While America once held the record as the most obese nation (only to be lost
to Mexico in March of 2013) it is still alarming the percentage of overweight adults
in the country (35.7% are obese.) These statistics could be correlated to the fact
that over the past few decades the average American is sleeping at least two hours
less than those who survived in the early to mid twentieth century.
Better amenity in sleeping hours can induce a deeper, more relaxed sleep which can
help in relieving one's body of grogginess and discomfort in the early morning hours.
While sleeping healthier stimulates the body's natural sleep cycle it will also reduce
stress levels which can eliminate unnecessary feelings of hunger and the need for oral
fixations such as smoking and drinking. Some research suggest that the time spent
sleeping and also the QUALITY of one's sleeping hours can actually affect weight LOSS!
This is because when a person gets the proper amount of rest their ghrelin levels
decrease while their leptin levels (which are produced in fat cells and send signals
to the brain alerting one that they are full) increase.

Even though research on the correlation between sleep and weight loss is still up in
the air, many experts agree that if you are working on a diet, putting in a few extra
hours of sleep certainly will not hurt. Director of the Connecticut Center for sleep
medicine Dominic Roca says that "more and more data comes to the forefront to suggest
that you simply can't cut back on sleep without paying some price."


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