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Sleeping Outlets

Falling asleep is the constant struggle when you are too preoccupied with worrying thoughts. Staring at the clock only to find out that you still haven’t fallen asleep by one in the morning can be the twisting of the knife in your heart when you know that you will have a long and busy day when the morning comes. Falling asleep on a CozyPure mattress can surely help with falling asleep and comfort. But sometimes, when comfort isn’t enough and you have too many thoughts racing through your mind, try some other ways to relax and fall asleep.

Reading before bed can be very therapeutic because it can help get your mind off of the constant stress that plagues you. Reading, and focusing on the words on the page, and lying in bed or curled up on the couch, can easily make one sleep. With eyes concentrating on the tiny words in front of you it is sure to make your lids droopy and calm your mind – depending on what book you are reading.

Celebrate Book Lovers Day!

Reading is a good way to set one’s mind up for a good dream. I know that when I read a good book before bed, such as Harry Potter or other books of the sort, my mind travels to a different world, a world where anything is possible. I like to visit these worlds before I enter sleep because I like to fall asleep with a positive outlook on things. Reading before bed is entertaining and soothing, its the best of both worlds.

I also like to write before I go to sleep. Sometimes I stay up late at night writing stories on my laptop of scrawling poems into my notebooks while my favorite music plays. It helps me drift into another universe, one where I am in control. Writing can be a good thing before bedtime, no matter what you write about. You can make journal entries or work on that novel you keep telling yourself that your going to write one day. It is a good way to explore your deeper consciousness. It can be used as a way to heal the things inside of you, just like the best break up songs can help to heal the pain of the worst heartbreaks.

Finding an outlet is important for a lot of people. For me those outlets are reading, writing, and going to the gym. These activities just also happen to be beneficial in helping me fall asleep easily. I’m probably a disappointment to teens all over the globe, seeing as I go to bed before ten-o-clock, but it’s a good thing that I do because sleeping is also a very important outlet for me. It helps my mind recover from stressful things that linger inside of it, and it keeps me from digging my fingers into the eyes of dozens of people who make me angry throughout the coarse of a day. Enjoying the comfort of my own CozyPure bed and other bedding materials, and the comfort of my own bedroom (which, by the way, I am always decorating differently as yet another stress reliever) is surely something that keeps me sane.

So try out your own outlets and see what they might do for you. Try reading or writing before bed and listening to soothing music in the warm glow of a small lamp or a candle. It can only be for the best, so give it a try.



Healthy Lifestyles Miscellaneous Natural Bedroom Sleep Tips

How to Read a Book Comfortably Before Bedtime

This year’s Book Lovers Day is coming up on August 9th. We have been asking for comments on our blog about what do you like to read before going to sleep. We also asked readers to share how they get comfortable while reading. Here are our own tips on how to read comfortably no matter what time of the day it is.

Good Posture – You don’t want the hours you spend reading to end up giving you neck or back problems. Find a comfortable sitting position with good back support. Hold your book at an angle where you can read it easily but you are not going to feel sore when you get up afterward. Right before bed is a favorite time to indulge in a good book for many readers. While reading in bed might be cozy, you probably don’t want to do it for a protracted length of time. The same goes for working in bed on your computer.

Good lightingPoor lighting while reading can cause eyestrain. Read your books in a properly lighted area. If you are reading in bed and don’t want to disturb your partner, try using a book light. When using a reading light, aim light over the shoulder opposite from the hand you are using to turn the pages, so your hand does not cast a shadow on the book. Set the light over your left shoulder if you are turning the pages with your right hand and vice-versa. You should also contrast lighting levels when reading. If you are using a bright reading lamp, turn on another light in the room to balance out lighting so there is not a stark contrast between a dark room and light from the lamp.

E-readers  – E-reader devices are winning over legions of readers due to their convenience of carrying an entire book collection in slender device. Some E-readers use “digital paper” that displays text on an unlighted screen. Newer E-readers feature a backlit screen that use LED lights similar to laptop computers. LED screens eliminate the need for a booklight by illuminating the text you are reading. Sleep experts have expressed concern that E-readers and other tablet devices could throw off a reader’s circadian rhythms and contribute to sleep problems. You can adjust your e-reader’s settings brightness settings where you can read comfortably and reduce excessive glow.

Do you have some tips for staying comfortable while reading? Please share them! We want to hear from you!

Our Book Lover’s Day contest contest continues through August 30thLeave a comment on our blog and you could win a grab-bag of books!