How to Read a Book Comfortably Before Bedtime

This year’s Book Lovers Day is coming up on August 9th. We have been asking for comments on our blog about what do you like to read before going to sleep. We also asked readers to share how they get comfortable while reading. Here are our own tips on how to read comfortably no matter what time of the day it is.

Good Posture – You don’t want the hours you spend reading to end up giving you neck or back problems. Find a comfortable sitting position with good back support. Hold your book at an angle where you can read it easily but you are not going to feel sore when you get up afterward. Right before bed is a favorite time to indulge in a good book for many readers. While reading in bed might be cozy, you probably don’t want to do it for a protracted length of time. The same goes for working in bed on your computer.

Good lightingPoor lighting while reading can cause eyestrain. Read your books in a properly lighted area. If you are reading in bed and don’t want to disturb your partner, try using a book light. When using a reading light, aim light over the shoulder opposite from the hand you are using to turn the pages, so your hand does not cast a shadow on the book. Set the light over your left shoulder if you are turning the pages with your right hand and vice-versa. You should also contrast lighting levels when reading. If you are using a bright reading lamp, turn on another light in the room to balance out lighting so there is not a stark contrast between a dark room and light from the lamp.

E-readers  – E-reader devices are winning over legions of readers due to their convenience of carrying an entire book collection in slender device. Some E-readers use “digital paper” that displays text on an unlighted screen. Newer E-readers feature a backlit screen that use LED lights similar to laptop computers. LED screens eliminate the need for a booklight by illuminating the text you are reading. Sleep experts have expressed concern that E-readers and other tablet devices could throw off a reader’s circadian rhythms and contribute to sleep problems. You can adjust your e-reader’s settings brightness settings where you can read comfortably and reduce excessive glow.

Do you have some tips for staying comfortable while reading? Please share them! We want to hear from you!

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