Coloring Your Bedroom

Did you know that the color of your bedroom can impact the quality of your sleep. For many, a blue room will do justice to your eyes because it promotes sleepiness while purple rooms stimulate the brain too much and can making sleeping a difficult task. Apparently yellow and green are also good sleep stimulants. Those with grey or brown rooms get less sleep because the colors are too dreary without making one sleepy. The color of your room can impact your mood and so it is important to decorate your bedroom with colors that work for you. Drab colors might not do the job in perking you up in the morning, while colors that are too bright can either counteract drowsiness at night or shock you when you awake from your slumber.

Purple stimulate the creative mind which can either lead to vivid dreams or vivid nightmares. If you are will to take the chance on that, kudos to you, but as for me I think I’ll stick to my blue bedroom and my dream-catcher. Because creativity is being prompted in purple rooms it can stop the brain from relaxing, and thus making the process of falling asleep harder. Soothing colors, such as yellow (but not neon, think dandelion or amber) and blue (like the sky) have a calming effect on the mind and can help one fall asleep faster and keep them asleep longer. The color green is associated with seasons like spring and summer, warm months of new life and growth that can promote deep, sweet dreams.

Orange might not be ideal because it brings energy to a room, and energy is something that is not always needed when falling into the arms of a warm slumber. Although red might be a good choice for the bedroom, seeing as it sparks passion and romance, so long as the color isn’t too jolting and prominent – crimson vs. FIRE ENGINE – because, like orange, it sometimes has too much flare, like the burning bush. However, when decorating other rooms in your house, colors like grey (maybe in the bathroom) or purple (perhaps in the dining hall) can give your home that warmth and royalty that you are looking for.

Don’t forget to cuddle up on a comfortable CozyPure mattress and beneath organic blankets and comforters for extra sleep promotion. White or cream sateen sheets can match any color on the walls without taking too much away from the rest of the room. It’s YOUR bedroom, and you should feel comfortable in it, so decorate it how you please, and stimulate your mind however you want.

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