Don’t Be Ignorant! The Environment is Everyone’s to Share!

Earlier this week my mother shared with me a disturbing story. Her and my sister we in the McDonald’s parking lot when they saw a man stop his car, open his door and drop his giant bag of trash just right out onto the ground when the trashcan was literally 2 feet away. What makes this story even more alarming is that once my mother honked her horn to show her disapproval the man proceeded to open his door back up and pick his trash off the ground, however he did not throw it out in the trash, instead he threw it up in the air! Now the trash littered even more of the ground because this pig didn’t have the decency to walk 2 feet out of his car and throw his trash away.

When things like this happen I wonder if these people do the same thing inside of their own homes. Do they just drop their trash where ever because it they are too lazy to bring it to the garbage can? Probably not, because they want their house to remain clean. So why do they not seem to give any care about the world outside of their home? It’s their planet too, do they not process that? It angers me to no end to see people act this way toward the mother we all share.

Did you know that 3 out of every 5 cigarette butts are littered? It may not seem like much, when you see a cigarette but lying on the ground, but when there is a full street of them it is kind of disgusting. I remember once I was walking down the street with a friend and there was just a pile (and I mean a couple inches high and a couple of feet wide) of cigarette butts just spilled across the sidewalk! I mean, how disgusting is that?

Another thing I saw, which inspired me, was when I took a stroll down the beach and saw the cutest couple with their dog exiting, of course, their Prius with two giant trash bags and sticks to pick up trash. I helped to pick up some small debris that they missed but for the most part they were hard at work cleaning up the beach and believe me when I say that the beach may be the most important thing to save. If trash piles up on the beach then is it going to get into the waterways and perhaps kill fish and other various sea creatures. Without much of these creatures our food chain would not be what it is today.

Anyways, I guess I just wanted to get that random rant out of the way because it has been sitting inside of me for some days now. So do your part in helping the world turn to a cleaner, better place. Even if it is something as simple as a cigarette butt or a scrap of paper, it can make a pretty big difference in the long run.

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