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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: SLEEP

It is no secret that moms are some of the most sleep-deprived people in the world. They tend to juggle responsibilities all day and spend countless hours at night thinking about how to juggle even more. Studies show that mothers with small children are seriously lacking sleep, which over time can have some pretty negative effects on both physical and mental health. No matter how old her children, mothers tend to continue the habit of putting others needs before their own. Instead of shopping for the trendiest new gift of fashion or settling for the obligatory flowers, why not give Mom what she really wants (and needs) – SLEEP!
Just in time for Mother’s Day, CozyPure has assembled a bundle of some of our most popular items for the sleep deprived mom. We’ve paired together:Mother's Day Bundle

  • Our best selling LaNoodle pillow, the perfect pillow for Mom – it is adaptable to any type of sleeper, made with all natural latex and organic cotton (no harmful chemicals) and simply the coziest pillow to be found – and designed to last up to 10 times longer than conventional pillows
  • Our ever popular Pebble Pique Travel Blanket which is handcrafted in our Virginia workshop and made from luxurious Organic Cotton Matelasse and beautiful like Mom
  • Organic Lavender Linen Spray, soothing aromatherapy to relax Mom’s mind, body and spirit

This trifecta is the perfect Mother’s Day gift and will arrive packaged in our kraft bag with a complimentary handcrafted note card.

Due to the handcrMothersDay_online cardafted nature of our items, we can’t guarantee delivery by Mother’s Day on orders received after May 1st. However, Mom will agree it’s worth the wait. In the meantime, you can print out a gift announcement HERE to put in Mom’s card notifying her that the gift of sleep is on the way!

Our products are sustainable, natural and organic and made in the USA, and our company is woman-owned by a mom that grew this company while raising children of her own. She thinks sleep is the perfect gift and every mom is sure to agree!


The retail price for the items in this bundle is $133 – the Mother’s Day Bundle is being offered for $99.  Valid until Mother’s Day 2016.

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As Seen on TV – Behind the Scenes at CozyPure Mattress Factory

There’s never a boring moment here at CozyPure.  Some days you come in to a ton of online orders, some days you are swamped with customers in our Norfolk, VA showroom, and some days it’s “lights, camera, action,” fortunately for me the latter isn’t too often. Today we were visited by Cheryl Tan and her camera crew to do a segment for HR Business Weekly, a 30 minute show produced by WVEC ABC13 and their partners, that serves as a resource and voice for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses in the region.

Cheryl Hahn being interviewed by Cheryl Tan for HR Business Weekly.
Cheryl Hahn being interviewed by Cheryl Tan for HR Business Weekly.

They were here to interview Cheryl Hahn, our fabulous owner, as “entrepreneur of the week.”  There is always plenty to say about our organic latex mattresses and Cheryl’s passion to her company,natural latex mattresses, organic bedding materials is inspiring to other local entrepreneurs.


Cheryl let us know that filming would be taking place in the workshop and showroom today and my seat in the lobby is often a hot-spot for traffic so I knew to brush my hair.  What we could not foresee is that one of our artisans would be out sick today.  When the camera is on, you naturally want everything to look it’s best and CozyPure’s workshop looks best when everyone is busy working.  So, guess who had to fill in?  That would be me, the new girl.  I’ve never operated a sewing machine in my life but for “staging purposes” I sat in front of one today and that is all I intended to do was “sit“. However, I was quickly approached by a true artisan that thought it would look even better if I was actually working and she taught me how to sew on a blanket’s binding.  I never expected to sew today and I don’t expect to sew tomorrow but I’m glad I could fill an empty seat, while the cameras were rolling at least.

Just for the cameras, I pretended to sew.
Just for the cameras, I pretended to sew.

The camera crew seemed mesmerized by our workshop bustling with activity – there is something aesthetically pleasing about seeing hands working with beautiful raw materials.  In our workshop our artisans make the finest bedding materials from all natural materials.  This behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship that goes in to every CozyPure mattress is sure to make a great video for the local viewing audience.  The camera crew captured the sewing of organic cotton, the tying of handmade wool comforters, even the creation of CozyPure’s exclusive LaNoodle pillows, hand filled with pure natural latex noodles.  There are much more interesting things going on in the workshop than me pretending to be a seamstress, but that was the highlight of my day nevertheless.

Written by Angela Carey, CozyPure’s newest team member.  Angela brings over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing to the CozyPure staff and is currently greeting customers, answering phones and pretending to sew when the camera is on.  

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Happy Birthday Agatha!

Happy Birthday Agatha!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with the above mentioned, let me take a second to guide you to the wonder that is: Agatha Hahn.

She was not always big and strong, like many others of her kind she started small and unrecognizable compared to the woman that she has grown to be. She has survived twenty odd years – battling the fierce cold of the winter months and enjoying the stifling humidity of the hot summer months (because here in Hampton Roads there is no in-between) – and has grown to embody what we all wish to be: well-balanced, strong, unchanging, and vibrant. With every gust of wind she sways slightly, and with every drop of sun she reaches toward the sky for a warm embrace. She is content in her solid roots, and she is smiling as the rain washes away her grime and nurtures her elegance.

What is she? You might ask at this point. Well she could be nothing other than…a PLANT! That’s right, Agatha is our familial plant that has overseen our company since the beginning. She has not only taken deep roots in our business family, but she has also been happy to grow with us – in our show room, in our backyard, in the sunshine, in the cold – and through thick and thin she has never left us (how could she?).

Not only has Agatha been there for us since the beginning she embodies everything that we aim for here at the Organic Comfort Zone. She is strong but compliant with the wishes of the wind (as we are with our consumers, if you want Extra fill in your pillow, we’ll hook you right up!), she is also Eco-friendly and a firm advocate of green living (no really, just look at her!). She is a mighty woman who is firmly rooted in the idea of getting down and dirty when the time comes (get it?), and most of all she provides a sense of comfort in an almost enigmatic way – like the grandmother who keeps on fighting.

Once we had left her out in the cold and when we thought she was on the edge of death we took her in and covered her in organic CozyPure blankets and showered her with love and encouragement. With nothing but her browning buds and her wits left, she pulled through and proved to us all that even in our darkest moments if there is a will to fight on there is a way. She also showed us not to mess with her again and claimed her place in the household as a true heroine of fate and standing over six foot four feet tall she has risen to the occasion of providing warmth and comfort more than once.

So happy birthday Agatha and congratulations on making it thus far with us, you are a real trooper and even on our dark days you cheer us up with your vivid leaves of green and branches of gold. You keep our chins up, reminding us that the sun will come out tomorrow – and you should know, because without it you would shrivel up.



The OCZ family!


eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.


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Manufacturers of organic bedding and mattresses

CozyPure® is so much more than simply a “name-only” brand. Since we are the manufacturer, we are NOT exclusive to being only a retailer, instead we’re a “vertical retailer” which means although we do retail our products direct to the consumer, we also have complete control of those products since we are also the manufacturer.

American Apparel operates under the same structure. And just like us, they too use only employees, friends and customers in their photos and advertisements. We also do virtually everything in-house: from concept and design to marketing and branding to production, packaging and shipping. We have found this is really the only way to maintain the integrity of our brand and produce products that deliver quality and value, while also providing health benefits to both people and planet.

We are NOT a private label, which is usually a stock product from a manufacturers line that has a store brand label attached.  We found two websites that state we’re private label, which of course is wrong. Just another reason to be careful what you read out there in cyberspace.

If you visit us you’ll find an abundance of natural and organic raw materials: bolts of certified organic cotton fabric, rolls of both organic cotton and wool batting, natural latex rubber cores, comfort layers, containers of kapok and buckwheat hulls, and of course thousands of LaNoodles.

You’ll notice our bright clean factory with sewing machines and cutting equipment, tufting needles and shears in all sizes, patterns and tape measures, and a floor-to-ceiling shelf packed with prototypes of products-in-the-making.

If you’re really observant you’ll see we have no waste. During patterning we spec our materials for cutting with the least amount of scrap — and even the scrap we spec to tailor towards the manufacture of other products. Waste not want not.

What really makes us unique is the fact that we’re energy-efficient and generate our own renewable energy on-site. Two huge wind turbines in the back and a full array of solar panels on our roof, tie-into our electric meter which runs backwards once we shut down our daily operations.

You can feel confident that we’re a true-green company: from our selection of raw materials, to our manufacturing practices, to our use of renewable energy. We come full-circle start to finish and don’t “just talk” about being green like SO many other manufacturers – we actually “Walk the Talk“.

Manufacturing, specifically in the mattress and bedding industry, is overwhelmingly owned and operated by the male gender; the percentage of women is lower than many other industries. Perhaps that is why some of our competitors claim we’re not manufacturers – they just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that a woman could head-up of the operations of a manufacturing factory. Of course this is only my assumption. But since they assume, I can also assume why they’re assumption is entirely inaccurate.  I wanted to write this post because when these false statements were called to my attention, I felt an obligation to “call them out”.

In case you didn’t see it, we recently made a little video showing our factory operations and posted that < here >.

I wanted to assure our customers that we are in fact the actual manufacturer of our CozyPure® products. It’s a joy for me to research the quality of materials, design with function, practicality, value and aesthetics, to provide organic comfort products that I find suitable for use with my own family. There is much to talk about here so I will save this matter and elaborate more details later since May is BETTER SLEEP MONTH and we’ll be going “under cover” to talk about bedding materials. In the meantime…

If you should have any questions or concerns about our products or our company, please be sure to give us a call during normal business hours at 800.229.7571. It is always our pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for twenty years of support.

Cheryl Hahn is the President and Founder of Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure® organic mattresses and bedding and Tomorrow’s World, one of America’s first green-living stores.