CozyPure® shows off our  “green thumb” by becoming one of the top 10 finalists for Green America’s People & Planet Awards. Out of 100 other nominated businesses CozyPure® has the opportunity to obtain $5,000 because of our commitment to clean, renewable energy. This reward goes to the top 3 businesses that receive the most votes from the public.

CozyPure® goes full circle when it comes to advocating sustainability. CozyPure® is the only organic and green bedding manufacturer in America to utilize a trio-system of wind, solar and geothermal on-site to produce 100% of the power for their factory, office, warehouse and retail store. Since early 2011 the company has been using zero kWh, which makes them a “Net Zero Energy Building,” something that most companies cannot claim. They are also an EPA Power Partner.

Contribution to clean energy:

  • Total 146 Solar Panels – 34.4 kW = 84,000 kWh Annually
  • Total 2 Wind Turbines – 3.6 kW system = 5,400 kWh Annually
  • Total On-Site Clean Energy – 38 kW system = 89,400 kWh Annually


Public voting will continue through Nov. 30, 2012 until 5 p.m. CLICK HERE to vote for CozyPure.

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Jamar Diggs is a PR Communications and Social Media team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.