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From Rubber Milk to Latex: How is your Latex processed?

In the past 25 years CozyPure has accumulated customers from all over the country; Even before the internet, we were able to serve customers nationally through our catalog. Since purchasing a mattress is quite the investment, we have customers call our Norfolk, VA facility every day asking questions to help them finalize their purchasing decision. Some common questions include: the difference between our Organic Mattress and Natural Latex Mattress, how to determine the proper firmness, what materials are used in our all natural products and just general concerns you would expect from someone shopping for a new mattress.

I’ve also noticed that some consumers do a little more research than others and have very specific questions,like is our latex “dunlop” or “talalay.” I knew the answer to be “dunlop” but I did not know the difference between the two and decided to do some research. Here is what I found:

Natural latex starts out the same; Rubber milk is harvested from the rubber tree. You can read more about how CozyPure’s latex is harvested in our blog post, “Organic Comfort Made Fresh Daily with Farm Fresh ingredients.”RubberTree

After the rubber milk is harvested the way it is made into durable and all-natural latex varies; It will either be the “dunlop” process or the “talalay” method. Dunlop latex is mixed with a gelling agent while still in its liquid form and then put in molds and introduced to heat through a vulcanization oven. This vulcanization process is what turns the rubber milk into a durable foam rubber. It is then washed out to remove any naturally occurring impurities and then dried. A fairly simple process, which makes Dunlop latex more affordable and more eco-friendly. The Talalay process is more complicated. It requires the latex to be placed in a mold and then introduced to a vacuum for expansion, then frozen. The gelling occurs when carbon dioxide gas is forced through the mold. After the vacuum, freezing and gelling, it is then vulcanized. In addition to being a more expensive and less environmentally responsible process, it is not available in as many sizes and a naturally occurring topper is not made in the process as in the Dunlop process.

When discussing with Cheryl Hahn, the owner of CozyPure, about why CozyPure uses Dunlop latex in the crafting of our CozyPure organic mattresses, she refers to the Dunlop process as “tried and true.” “What I particularly like about our Dunlop latex rubber is that we deal direct with the grower. The latex is processed on site at the plantation. We never have to wonder what it went through before getting to us.” Hahn sums up her preference by saying, “It is grown there, harvested there, processed there and shipped directly to us.”

The Dunlop process results in the most natural latex available.
The Dunlop process results in the most natural latex available.

It may have been believed at one time that Talalay latex provided a softer alternative to the original Dunlop latex, however through constant improvements the Dunlop process has become more sophisticated. Through density variations and sculpting, Dunlop latex can acheive any desired softness while maintaining the firmness that makes it sought after. CozyPure’s mattresses are available in varying configurations to accommodate the various softness needs of individuals. If you are a discerning customer that wants to know how your latex is processed, now you know!


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Remodeling the Green Way

Remodeling in a green light is on the rise in the United States. Many houses are even built in a green manor nowadays. If you are look good some good remodeling/decorating tips, look no further. Here are five tips to help you get started on your green home improvement project.

-Lots of open windows will bring in lots of natural light, which will help one cut down on electricity expenses and things of the sort. Not only is natural light green, but it is also beautiful, giving your bedroom/living room/whatever room and open feel, giving the impression of less clutter. Motes of dust swimming in the sunlight can even be considered elegant if looked at in the right angle. Polished surfaces such as hardwood floors or mirrors can also help introduce ample lighting into a room. Reflective glass tiling in one’s kitchen or bathroom is a great idea to incorporate light into your rooms, and the kitchen, above all, should receive ample light. After all, it is the heart of the home.

-Assure that your heating and air conditioning (among other essential living utilities) are of good quality. No need in spending extra money over time because your heating and air isn’t working the way it should be, no need to waste surplus energy that could be saved by checking your ventilation/insulation. Solar and wind energy is also very effective, if you can afford to install it. This is not to say that it does not come at a bargain, it’s just that you have to know where to look and whether or not you will have the means to do it.

-Keep a realistic budget in your sight at all times. There is no use in trying to do a whole bunch of big things that will run your wallet into the ground. Start small, begin with manageable things, DIY kind of things. Demolish those walls yourself, save money on contractors, this way you will have the savings to implement those solar panels or new windows with better insulation. It is all about how you spend your money, how far you can stretch your bargain, and how necessary some of your remodeling might be. Some things might need to be taken from your list in order to make room for others. This is OK! Going into a project expecting everything to get done on a budget that is only so big is never a good idea. Stretch your buck and save yourself.

-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I can not stress this enough. Remodeling, redecorating, whatever you are doing, it is always a great idea to reuse old things. Thrifts stores and antique shops are great places to find bargains that will make a great addition to your home. Be on the lookout for things all around your neighborhood – old driftwood, furniture, antiques, etc. – there are SO many things that you can do with things that have been lost or thrown away. Always keep in mind that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


-Landscape with native plants. grow your vegetable garden with seasonal crops. Rotate your soil. Compost. Keeping your garden alive and well is important not only for the environment but also for the aesthetic of your home. Would you rather sit out on your porch overlooking a yard full of dried up grass and soil or a garden full of life, thriving. Not only will this help with your home’s aesthetic, but it might also give you something to be proud of, something to keep you entertained, and off of those drug infested street corners.

Don’t forget that a greener mattress is not only a good redecorating decision that will help aid the environment in the long run, it is also an investment in natural, organic comfort.




eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.



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Spring Into Green

Spring is FINALLY here! And so are all of the things that it entails: new life, new beginnings, and cleaning. That’s right, it’s finally time to de-clutter that mess that you call a house and make room for all of the new things that life might throw at you this year. Not all things will be good, and not all things will be bad, but of course you probably figured that as you rummaged through all of your 2013 paraphernalia, looking at the things that collected dust on your shelves as the year stormed by with all of it’s frigidness. However, now its finally time to scrap all of that old stuff and bring in some fresh air, its time to start a new.

The first thing that you must remember when spring cleaning is the age old motto: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Remember to reduce the amount of cleaning products being used because you might be surprised at how much one wipe can take when cleaning off counters and tables. Also, instead of using harmful deodorizers, instead open all of your windows, let the sun and fresh air sweep through your household, put the fan on, and let nature do the deodorizing. Recycle all of the old plastic and newspapers that you never got around to reading, no need to promote landfills when the materials can be used again. Also, don’t forget to purge your closet and give all of your old garments to a local thrift store. Reuse the things in your house that aren’t past their prime yet, this can promote environmental safety while also saving you a buck in the process. Restrain from using harmful chemicals when cleaning your house and remember to blast your jams as loud as they will go, you know, to bring in the good vibes, maaaannnnnn.


Like a previous post, I’m going to put in the idea that biking or walking to work can be great for your overall fitness, wallet, and ecosystem. Carpooling or public transportation are both great, green options that can help one get to work (remember that with carpooling you can use the HOV lane!) If you’ve tried all of this and none of it works out in your favor, it might be time to trade in your old car for one that is better on gas, which is ultimately the greener choice anyways.

It’s spring time! What better time of year is there to start your fresh herb garden, or garden in general. Sure, there are some seeds that you should have planted back in October that would be blooming now, but don’t dwell on the past. it’s time to plant some of your other favorite plants, be it flowers, trees, grass (bamboo!), vegetables, or fruit. There is no better time to begin than now, when the breeze is cool but the sun is hot. Seize the beautiful day, we’ve gotten so few of them thus far this year. Don’t forget to begin composting if you haven’t already.

Now that you’ve been briefed on some fun ways to begin your spring cleaning go and try them out. Also, remember that there is no better way to clean out your dusty bedroom (with old mattress’ ridden with dust, etc.) than by going organic. CozyPure’s natural latex is dust mite resistant and last for years and years on end, no need to worry about having to replace it because it is musty and certainly no need to replace it because its old anytime soon.


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Green to Work

In this day and age people all over are looking for ways to be greener, and if you are reading this blog right now you have already taken one giant step in the right direction. However, being green can be more than buying non-GMO foods and recycling plastic water bottles. In the case of what you drive to and from work each day you can either choose to be green, or you can choose not to be. However, although it may seem expensive to spend money on cars such as the Prius or the Fusion (both of which are great for going green) there are many other ways to save money and live green on the way to work.


First of all, if you can manage it and you want to stay in shape, it might be time to start biking or walking to work or to school. If the day is sunny and the weather nice, biking or walking is a great method of getting to work. it saves gas money, seeing as there is no gas involved in the process, and it’s great exercise too. Many people forget about the biking option because, of course, many people are too lazy to do it. This is not true in all cases, though. Some people don’t have the bike lanes in their city that promote safety for the bikers themselves. Some people live too far away from work and some people just don’t have time. That’s OK, there are other options.

Like I said in my first paragraph, the option to trade in your car for a car with better mileage, perhaps a Hybrid, would be a wonderful idea. However, it does not have to be a Hybrid, there are plenty of cars on the market that are much cheaper than Hybrids and still have excellent gas mileage. A car with 30 or more miles per gallon will typically save you money and help save the environment in the process. It’s not a bad idea to get a Hybrid, though, and in the end the gas savings that come from purchasing one will add up to be worth the amount of money that you spent on the car itself.

Another option is public transportation. If you live in a city where it is accessible and efficient then you should definitely go for this choice. It is typically cheaper than driving your own car to and from work everyday so long as you buy a pass that lasts for a month or a week. Public transportation includes anything ranging from the bus to the light rail to the subway. Most cities at least have a bus system that is capable of taking people where they need to go, so why not use it if you have it?


You can carpool with someone who works with you or goes to school with you. Carpooling saves a person from having to use more gas than needed as long as a good friend or co-worker can help you out with a ride. There should be no problem with it so long as you’re comfortable with the person whom you are riding with. Work out some details with them and you will be green to go.

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Go Green For Spring

Ever wonder what might be considered fashionable in the world of being ‘Green’? Well, first of all, if you are buying all of your clothes from Walmart or Target, chances are that those products were produces overseas in dirty factories by people who receive a penny an hour. So, if you’re wondering whether or not Walmart and other stores of the sort are lined with ‘Green’, or even good, fashion then you are probably searching through the wrong stores.

As spring approaches we look back to the year of 2013, when green was widely used by fashion designers both literally and figuratively. Green on the runway symbolized both a fashion statement and an Eco-statement, teaching the fashionistas of today how to sport organic clothing. Designer Stella McCartney once took home Britain’s Designer of the Year award, and, get this, without the use of leather. This should prove to people all over the world that fashion, even the high class/fur coat/leather belt kind, does not always have to be harmful to be hot. Animal furs and skins do not always need to be used in order to make a great article of clothing, and in this day and age, they shouldn’t be. We are not living in tribes along the coastline, hunting for our own food anymore. It’s time to make a change, no only in fashion but in every department that has not already gone green!

tumblr_m1v419fAKG1qdhvxho1_500 (Here is an example of a great thrift store find, found at

The first place that you can shop for clothing that was not necessarily made with the intent to be ‘Green’ but can still definitely be considered Eco-friendly is the Thrift Store. Because the clothes and other items that are sold in these stores are not technically ‘Green’ many people do not see it as an Eco-friendly store, but the thing about thrift stores is that they recycle old clothing, which reduces landfill waste while also putting the clothing to good use. Also, thrift stores are chock full of trendy clothing, boasting an array of all kinds of fashion-friendly tops, pants, and accessories. Always keep in mind that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so don’t completely block out the thought of shopping at a thrift store the next time you are looking for cute clothes. Be sure to go through your closet and find old clothes that you do not wear any more and donate them to your local thrift shop too. Not only is it better for the Earth than throwing them away, but also because what goes around comes around and when you put out a pair of jeans that once might have looked good on you, perhaps you’ll find yourself a new pair of jeans.

Also on the rise is an increase of products being produced in the United States. America depends on it’s economy and with American made products we would not thrive. Still, not nearly as many products are being made and sold in America as there are being outsourced and then sold in America. With celebrities endorsing the idea of the American dream, waving flags about in their videos, oh-so patriotically. The sad fact of the matter is that many clothing lines produce flag printed Tees and other ‘patriotic’ items that are made in China. Next time you’re shopping at Urban outfitters check the tags and see for yourself just how many of the overly priced items are actually made in America. Stepping up and finding clothes that are made in the USA can help largely in both the economy and the ecology of our nation, and our Earth as a whole.

Remember to sleep on an Eco-friendly bed from the Organic Comfort Zone when all of the hustle and bustle from the day is said and done. Nothing is better than curling up underneath a warm blanket and letting the soft whisper of sleep call you into it’s clutches, and with an organic CozyPure mattress you’ll wake up more refreshed than ever. Bringing Eco-friendly products into your daily life can not only help the environment, but it could also help with personal issues. Eco clothing and bedding materials have less chemicals in them, which means that they are easier on the skin and other body parts. Using these products can truly change yours, and every one else’ world, for the better. So think ‘Green’, think ‘Organic’!

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Global Warning

I can’t say that I don’t appreciate it – because I do – but the snow that has hit us in Norfolk, Virginia this year has been insane compared to years past. Typically, a winter in Norfolk calls for maybe one to three inches of snow during the long, cold months, but in January of 2014 we got a whopping ten inches! While I’ve enjoyed taking the past week off of school because of it, I also can’t ignore the fact that this is in part due to global climate change. To make matters even more shocking, the temperature can range from seventy degrees (as it was Monday) to thirty degrees (as it was Monday night!) The drastic change in temperature can not be considered a good thing, and many fingers point to pollution as the biggest contributor to this phenomenon.


Our town of Ocean View was hit with a massive snowstorm (remember, this is massive in terms of people used to getting an inch of snow a year) on Tuesday afternoon, leaving ten inches of snow in its midst. Because of this, three days of school were canceled and half of the city of Norfolk had to be shut down. So far this year, this freezing temperature has been caused by what is known as the polar vortex. This vortex is a jet stream of the cold arctic air that has been shifted from the northern hemisphere and projected southward, which is why most of the U.S. has been experiencing odd climate changes, and perhaps the second coldest winter on record.

Not only is climate change making the warmer states cold but it is also heating some of the cooler regions up! Temperatures are expected to raise by 3.8 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050 if greenhouse gases are not slowed down. Glaciers are being melted and snowy alps are becoming less and less snowy. Scientists and others experts measure and predict the sea level to rise by one inch every decade; however, at the rate that we are going now, that prediction will probably soon change to a higher number, considering the rate of global warming. A study found that with every degree in Fahrenheit that rises, sea level is expected to rise 4.2 feet. Cities will soon be underwater because of this, cities such as Miami, New York, New Orleans, Boston, Virginia Beach! Half, if not all, of the East Coast is predicted to become part of the Atlantic Ocean by the end of the century if we do not start looking at the facts. Not to mention the population increase in some of the other states across out nation, and across the world, if these cities do go under and its citizens are forced to move. Not only does this effect the United States, but also cities such as ShangHai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London could cease to exist in eighty years time. Miami, being the most vulnerable of all cities, not only in the U.S., but worldwide, is destined to become a 21st century Atlantis within the next one hundred years.


Yes, the winter is freezing cold at the moment, colder than a lot of previous winters, so shouldn’t that mean that this should be called ‘Global Cooling’? No, because the warming is of the ice caps. As the ice caps in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres melt down it begins to spread out toward the rest of the world, flooding entire cities and regions. Carbon Dioxide, which is emitted into the air via fossil fuels and other various pollutants, is a major cause of climate change, seeing as these gases become trapped in the atmosphere and melts the ice caps, changing the temperature everywhere and causing climates to become unnaturally unstable. Take Ocean View for instance, right now we are all driving around in about five inches of snow and slush, and on Sunday the temperature is expected to rise from the low twenties to the sixties, and in turn melt all of the snow. Who knows, perhaps we’ll be underwater by the end of the week.

Places such as the Alps have been warming at three times the global average. Island nations such as Kiribati have rendered its lands uninhabitable due to climate change. The Great Barrier reef has lost 10 percent of itself within the last twenty years due to the oceans ability to absorb much of the pollutants expelled by human interaction with the environment. Many sea creatures have been affected by this, and many of them are dying. Not only is it global warming killing the waterways, but also other forms of pollution such as plastic bags and jagged glass can seriously injure or even kill an animal not only in the ocean, but anywhere.


Take the BP oil spill, which killed much wildlife in 2010, and even took the lives of 11 people. Pollution comes in all shapes and sizes, and if we do not act upon it soon, there may not be a world left to live in by the time our grandchildren our born – if our grandchildren are born.

There are safer options out there if you are worried about energy efficiency. Solar and wind power work just as well as, if not better than, nuclear power and other means of electricity. Fossil fuels can be replaced with vegetable oils and electric vehicles. Water can even be used as a source of power. You can even make a difference in your own bedroom by converting to organic bedding products that have not been soaked in petroleum and other harmful chemicals and preservatives. We all have the opportunity to change the world one step at a time, so why not take those steps in order to better the world, and to better ourselves.


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Happy Birthday Agatha!

Happy Birthday Agatha!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with the above mentioned, let me take a second to guide you to the wonder that is: Agatha Hahn.

She was not always big and strong, like many others of her kind she started small and unrecognizable compared to the woman that she has grown to be. She has survived twenty odd years – battling the fierce cold of the winter months and enjoying the stifling humidity of the hot summer months (because here in Hampton Roads there is no in-between) – and has grown to embody what we all wish to be: well-balanced, strong, unchanging, and vibrant. With every gust of wind she sways slightly, and with every drop of sun she reaches toward the sky for a warm embrace. She is content in her solid roots, and she is smiling as the rain washes away her grime and nurtures her elegance.

What is she? You might ask at this point. Well she could be nothing other than…a PLANT! That’s right, Agatha is our familial plant that has overseen our company since the beginning. She has not only taken deep roots in our business family, but she has also been happy to grow with us – in our show room, in our backyard, in the sunshine, in the cold – and through thick and thin she has never left us (how could she?).

Not only has Agatha been there for us since the beginning she embodies everything that we aim for here at the Organic Comfort Zone. She is strong but compliant with the wishes of the wind (as we are with our consumers, if you want Extra fill in your pillow, we’ll hook you right up!), she is also Eco-friendly and a firm advocate of green living (no really, just look at her!). She is a mighty woman who is firmly rooted in the idea of getting down and dirty when the time comes (get it?), and most of all she provides a sense of comfort in an almost enigmatic way – like the grandmother who keeps on fighting.

Once we had left her out in the cold and when we thought she was on the edge of death we took her in and covered her in organic CozyPure blankets and showered her with love and encouragement. With nothing but her browning buds and her wits left, she pulled through and proved to us all that even in our darkest moments if there is a will to fight on there is a way. She also showed us not to mess with her again and claimed her place in the household as a true heroine of fate and standing over six foot four feet tall she has risen to the occasion of providing warmth and comfort more than once.

So happy birthday Agatha and congratulations on making it thus far with us, you are a real trooper and even on our dark days you cheer us up with your vivid leaves of green and branches of gold. You keep our chins up, reminding us that the sun will come out tomorrow – and you should know, because without it you would shrivel up.



The OCZ family!


eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.



Eco-friendly winter crafts and activities for your child

Sometimes keeping your child busy can be tough. In the winter creativity is key when it comes to keeping your child from being bored indoors.  We have selected some eco-friendly arts and crafts that will help you bring out the creative side in you.

Snow Painting

If you live where you see more snow than grass even your child would be tired of it. Renew their love for snow by having their artsy side shine. Purchase a few condiment bottles  or use a clean, empty spray bottle. You can really use any container with a squirt top such as a water bottle. Add food coloring to water until desired color is achieved. Send the kids outside to do temporary graffiti, practice their letters, or “paint” pictures in the snow. They will love seeing the colors bloom against the snowy white backdrop.



Make Snowcreams

This will be a family favorite. Put a clean bowl down outside while it is snowing and let snow collect (obviously only do this somewhere where the bowl is out of reach of animals, dirt, etc). When the bowl is full, bring it inside and add splashes of milk, a little sweetener, and perhaps a bit of chocolate syrup or pure vanilla extract, finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Natural and Recycled Dioramas

Weather permitting, get kids started by having them gather whatever they can find outdoors – sticks, rocks, acorn tops. Bring out some old, empty shoe boxes and create a little world inside with their new-found goodies as well as odds and ends from around the toy chest (random cars, princess figurines, and miniature ponies welcome). Decorate backdrops by cutting interesting pictures out of old magazines and newspapers. Creating a diorama will keep kids busy as they get creative on a small scale – think acorn tops as fairy bowls, rocks as chairs, tiny twigs as firewood, etc. Take your dioramas to the next level by adding craft wool to make clouds or snow. You can find other craft and DIY materials and fabrics HERE


Wall Finger Painting

If you have an enclosed shower, make it into a temporary painting room. Let kids get into old clothes and then arm them with a variety of finger paints. Kids love getting messy, and this time it’s encouraged! When they are done painting, squishing, and decorating, simply turn on the shower and wash the whole area down.


Recipe to make kids bath tub paint:
1 tbsp cornstarch
4-6 pumps baby shampoo (or Castile liquid soap)
2-3 drops food coloring
1-2 tsp water



Jamar Diggs is a PR Communications and Social Media team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.

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Eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2013!  A brand New Year gives you the chance to start over and try new things. As you think of various New Year’s resolutions, take some time and consider a commitment or new project that could help reduce waste. You will benefit and so will the planet!

1. Be creative with your trash:  A good goal for the New Year would be to think of creative ways to reuse the trash that you create. Making this a great alternative than a landfill.

2. Do-It-Yourself: DIY often goes hand-in-hand with reuse, and attempting more DIY projects in 2013 can not only help you cut back on waste because you’re buying less, it can also help you save money. When you find something in a store that’s expensive, it is often possible to make it yourself for less money.

3. Not Sure Something is Recyclable? Pledge to Look it Up: If you find yourself standing next to your recycling bin wondering if whatever you’re holding is recyclable, don’t guess. Make a pledge to always find out the answer. If you always look up the answers, by the end of the year you’ll practically be a recycling expert for your community and you’ll be able to help others figure out what is and isn’t recyclable.

4. Buy products that are not made for planned obsolescence: Purchasing products that are not only made to last you a limited amount of time prevents you from wasting money by buying the same thing repeatedly. Green products of the CozyPure brand are made to last for YEARS.

Choosing any of these Eco-friendly goals for 2013 will help you have money, trash and the planet.

What’s your Eco-friendly New Year’s resolution? Leave comments below.


Jamar Diggs is a PR Communications and Social Media team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.