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Remember when Subway had plastic in their bread? It turns out that they’re not the only ones, but at least they have promised to discontinue their line of plastic bread. It is not that the bread is actually made from plastic (because that would be insane), however, the product did contain a certain chemical – Azodicarbonide – which was used as a bleaching agent in breads, is also the same chemical used in plastic as a foaming agent. Seeing as many people throw plastic to the wind these days, for our environment to choke on, its pretty ironic that many are actually munching on the product themselves in the comfort of their own living rooms and kitchens.

You see, many products sold from the grocery store contain Azodicarbonide, and many fast food places still create their munchies with the ingredient. In fact, the chemical is found in nearly 500 products, including Wonder Bread, Little Debbies, and White Castle’s microwavable hamburgers.

Experts say that there is not enough of the ingredient added into the bread to make it toxic to us humans. That sentence alone has so many things wrong with it. The fact that a toxic chemical – in any dosage – is being administered into our food is disgusting. Repulsive! Steer clear of your white bread, that stuff will kill you. Stay away from that Pillsbury Dough-boy because you know that wherever he goes trouble is sure to follow. Hostess honey buns are OUT of the question! My goodness, what will we survive off of?

I don’t know why it irks me so much that they are putting chemicals into our food products – oh wait, maybe it’s because they are putting chemicals into our food products! And it is saddening that our society as a whole has been resorting to this kind of grotesque processing in almost every product. Fabrics and bedding dipped in petroleum and formaldehyde. Pesticides. The list goes on and on. It gets worse, though. We, as a society, give in to this kind of stuff. We purchase these products so that they can be made again and again, not thinking about the harm that it is inducing on us and our environment. Luckily here at CozyPure we don’t dip our products in oil and ship them off to our ‘happy’ customer, knowing that every night they are putting their heads on a fire hazard.

Of course, there are always the healthier, non-toxic foods on our supermarket shelves. Some of these foods include locally grown fruits and vegetable, whole wheat breads (although certain brands must be watched out for) and meats such as poultry and fish (preferably free range, but not necessary.) Quaker Oats, Simply Organic, and Peppridge Farm products tend to stay away from the use of Azowhatever in their breads. So next time that you are at the store, keep this in mind: you never know what you’re eating until you actually read the ingredients – and you never REALLY know what you’re eating until you are able to pronounce the ingredients.



eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.


Eco-Tips Environment Green Living Healthy Lifestyles Miscellaneous Natural Bedroom Natural Fibers Natural Home Organic Apparel & Textiles Organic Comfort Organic Mattress & Bedding Renewable Energy

Remodeling the Green Way

Remodeling in a green light is on the rise in the United States. Many houses are even built in a green manor nowadays. If you are look good some good remodeling/decorating tips, look no further. Here are five tips to help you get started on your green home improvement project.

-Lots of open windows will bring in lots of natural light, which will help one cut down on electricity expenses and things of the sort. Not only is natural light green, but it is also beautiful, giving your bedroom/living room/whatever room and open feel, giving the impression of less clutter. Motes of dust swimming in the sunlight can even be considered elegant if looked at in the right angle. Polished surfaces such as hardwood floors or mirrors can also help introduce ample lighting into a room. Reflective glass tiling in one’s kitchen or bathroom is a great idea to incorporate light into your rooms, and the kitchen, above all, should receive ample light. After all, it is the heart of the home.

-Assure that your heating and air conditioning (among other essential living utilities) are of good quality. No need in spending extra money over time because your heating and air isn’t working the way it should be, no need to waste surplus energy that could be saved by checking your ventilation/insulation. Solar and wind energy is also very effective, if you can afford to install it. This is not to say that it does not come at a bargain, it’s just that you have to know where to look and whether or not you will have the means to do it.

-Keep a realistic budget in your sight at all times. There is no use in trying to do a whole bunch of big things that will run your wallet into the ground. Start small, begin with manageable things, DIY kind of things. Demolish those walls yourself, save money on contractors, this way you will have the savings to implement those solar panels or new windows with better insulation. It is all about how you spend your money, how far you can stretch your bargain, and how necessary some of your remodeling might be. Some things might need to be taken from your list in order to make room for others. This is OK! Going into a project expecting everything to get done on a budget that is only so big is never a good idea. Stretch your buck and save yourself.

-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I can not stress this enough. Remodeling, redecorating, whatever you are doing, it is always a great idea to reuse old things. Thrifts stores and antique shops are great places to find bargains that will make a great addition to your home. Be on the lookout for things all around your neighborhood – old driftwood, furniture, antiques, etc. – there are SO many things that you can do with things that have been lost or thrown away. Always keep in mind that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


-Landscape with native plants. grow your vegetable garden with seasonal crops. Rotate your soil. Compost. Keeping your garden alive and well is important not only for the environment but also for the aesthetic of your home. Would you rather sit out on your porch overlooking a yard full of dried up grass and soil or a garden full of life, thriving. Not only will this help with your home’s aesthetic, but it might also give you something to be proud of, something to keep you entertained, and off of those drug infested street corners.

Don’t forget that a greener mattress is not only a good redecorating decision that will help aid the environment in the long run, it is also an investment in natural, organic comfort.




eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.



Eco-Tips Environment Green Living Healthy Lifestyles Miscellaneous Natural Bedroom Natural Fibers Natural Home Organic Clothing Organic Comfort Renewable Energy

Spring Into Green

Spring is FINALLY here! And so are all of the things that it entails: new life, new beginnings, and cleaning. That’s right, it’s finally time to de-clutter that mess that you call a house and make room for all of the new things that life might throw at you this year. Not all things will be good, and not all things will be bad, but of course you probably figured that as you rummaged through all of your 2013 paraphernalia, looking at the things that collected dust on your shelves as the year stormed by with all of it’s frigidness. However, now its finally time to scrap all of that old stuff and bring in some fresh air, its time to start a new.

The first thing that you must remember when spring cleaning is the age old motto: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Remember to reduce the amount of cleaning products being used because you might be surprised at how much one wipe can take when cleaning off counters and tables. Also, instead of using harmful deodorizers, instead open all of your windows, let the sun and fresh air sweep through your household, put the fan on, and let nature do the deodorizing. Recycle all of the old plastic and newspapers that you never got around to reading, no need to promote landfills when the materials can be used again. Also, don’t forget to purge your closet and give all of your old garments to a local thrift store. Reuse the things in your house that aren’t past their prime yet, this can promote environmental safety while also saving you a buck in the process. Restrain from using harmful chemicals when cleaning your house and remember to blast your jams as loud as they will go, you know, to bring in the good vibes, maaaannnnnn.


Like a previous post, I’m going to put in the idea that biking or walking to work can be great for your overall fitness, wallet, and ecosystem. Carpooling or public transportation are both great, green options that can help one get to work (remember that with carpooling you can use the HOV lane!) If you’ve tried all of this and none of it works out in your favor, it might be time to trade in your old car for one that is better on gas, which is ultimately the greener choice anyways.

It’s spring time! What better time of year is there to start your fresh herb garden, or garden in general. Sure, there are some seeds that you should have planted back in October that would be blooming now, but don’t dwell on the past. it’s time to plant some of your other favorite plants, be it flowers, trees, grass (bamboo!), vegetables, or fruit. There is no better time to begin than now, when the breeze is cool but the sun is hot. Seize the beautiful day, we’ve gotten so few of them thus far this year. Don’t forget to begin composting if you haven’t already.

Now that you’ve been briefed on some fun ways to begin your spring cleaning go and try them out. Also, remember that there is no better way to clean out your dusty bedroom (with old mattress’ ridden with dust, etc.) than by going organic. CozyPure’s natural latex is dust mite resistant and last for years and years on end, no need to worry about having to replace it because it is musty and certainly no need to replace it because its old anytime soon.


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Green to Work

In this day and age people all over are looking for ways to be greener, and if you are reading this blog right now you have already taken one giant step in the right direction. However, being green can be more than buying non-GMO foods and recycling plastic water bottles. In the case of what you drive to and from work each day you can either choose to be green, or you can choose not to be. However, although it may seem expensive to spend money on cars such as the Prius or the Fusion (both of which are great for going green) there are many other ways to save money and live green on the way to work.


First of all, if you can manage it and you want to stay in shape, it might be time to start biking or walking to work or to school. If the day is sunny and the weather nice, biking or walking is a great method of getting to work. it saves gas money, seeing as there is no gas involved in the process, and it’s great exercise too. Many people forget about the biking option because, of course, many people are too lazy to do it. This is not true in all cases, though. Some people don’t have the bike lanes in their city that promote safety for the bikers themselves. Some people live too far away from work and some people just don’t have time. That’s OK, there are other options.

Like I said in my first paragraph, the option to trade in your car for a car with better mileage, perhaps a Hybrid, would be a wonderful idea. However, it does not have to be a Hybrid, there are plenty of cars on the market that are much cheaper than Hybrids and still have excellent gas mileage. A car with 30 or more miles per gallon will typically save you money and help save the environment in the process. It’s not a bad idea to get a Hybrid, though, and in the end the gas savings that come from purchasing one will add up to be worth the amount of money that you spent on the car itself.

Another option is public transportation. If you live in a city where it is accessible and efficient then you should definitely go for this choice. It is typically cheaper than driving your own car to and from work everyday so long as you buy a pass that lasts for a month or a week. Public transportation includes anything ranging from the bus to the light rail to the subway. Most cities at least have a bus system that is capable of taking people where they need to go, so why not use it if you have it?


You can carpool with someone who works with you or goes to school with you. Carpooling saves a person from having to use more gas than needed as long as a good friend or co-worker can help you out with a ride. There should be no problem with it so long as you’re comfortable with the person whom you are riding with. Work out some details with them and you will be green to go.

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Eat, Breath, and Sleep: Happy

We, as people, tend to overlook the simple things in our life, the things that, if looked at in the right light, should be making us happy. Some of these things include: Having a place to sleep at night, having food to eat, and having people around to support you through tough times. It is understandable why we might overlook some of these things in life, because it is human nature to strive to be better, to look for the next best thing, to shake things up. Our tendency to become unhappy is all in the way that we look at our life. For example, a child who receives a Christmas present that was at the top of their list will enjoy the gift until, of course, they grow out of it. At which point the child will begin to look for something new that might satisfy them. 

In order to be happy, we must first learn to appreciate all of the good that we have in our lives. An easy way to do this is by actually taking the time out of your day to smile at the little joys. Countless people in my life continually complain about the most common things, like getting a zit or getting a flat tire. Now, getting a flat tire might make a person angry in the heat of the moment, and will most likely put a damper on their day, but by no means should it keep you awake at night, angry at the world. Things happen because things happen, there may be a reason behind them, and there may not be. In the case of us humans, it is best not to read into every small thing that happens to us in our live because eventually they might add up. Instead, we must find a balance, and perhaps what we can do when we get a flat tire is to get out of the car, walk away from the vehicle, and take a deep breath. Let the angst out, and then return to your car and do what needs to be done. Simple things like this can reduce stress and ultimately keep us from pondering the bad things for too long.


Getting out in the sun, walking through the park, showing and receiving affection, smiling more, these are all things that, although so very simple, can make people happier in their day to day lives. Science has proven that the release of endorphins, which react with brain receptors to reduce pain. Endorphins are released through a surplus of activities, including exercise, dancing, gardening, and all of the above mentioned. The release of endorphins can also strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, and increase your energy.

Another thing that will improve your happiness is, wait for it….SLEEP! Sleep has been proven to help us focus and keep our heads on straight, for the most part. But more sleep can make us less sensitive to negative emotions. When you wake up grumpy, of course your negative emotions are still intact. On weekdays you may wake up to an alarm clock that disrupts your dreams and pulls you out from your slumber like a punch to the face, the sunlight peeking through the windows can screw itself.  On the weekends, though, after having slept ten hours straight and waking up on your own accord you might find the  sunlight that streams in through your windows is beautiful in the way that it peeks through the curtains and the blinds, letting you know that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Organic bedding makes your mattress even more of a sanctuary in that you are not sleeping on harmful chemicals such as petroleum and other harmful toxins.


So, maybe its time that we stop overlooking all of the good things in our lives, the people and things that surround us, and instead overlook the bad things, the flat tires that try and keep us from getting along with our day. Instead of seeing sticky situations as a mess, look at them as a way to challenge your wits, and come out of every experience a new person. Never forget to learn from your mistakes, and love always, because “what it all comes down to, is that everything is going to be quite all right.”

Green Living Healthy Lifestyles Miscellaneous Natural Bedroom Natural Home Organic Comfort Organic Mattress & Bedding Sleep Tips

Eat Healthy, Sleep Healthy

Although the correlation between diet and sleep is unclear, there are many key components in one’s diet that might be either keeping you awake or putting you to sleep at night. First of all, seeing as about half of the population is addicted to caffeine then half of the population might also be staying awake all night waiting for their morning fix. Caffeine is found in many things, including soda, coffee, and tea. These products are all consumed by a millions of people throughout the day in order to keep them awake, keep them satisfied, and to keep them alive (not literally.) However, because of the caffeine in these products, many Americans find themselves with a case of insomnia when it comes down to the wire.


When it comes to feeling energized, there is a difference between being wired and being awake. When one consumes copious amounts of coffee they might find themselves with a case of the jitters while a person who awakes to fresh fruit and other components of a balanced breakfast might find themselves feeling energized but not spiked. This is not true for everyone, seeing as caffeine effects people differently and that not everyone is a morning person. However, eating a generous amount of fruits and vegetables in the morning, and continuing a nutritious diet throughout the day will not only benefit one’s energy, but also their health as a whole.

Sleep will improve a person’s health so long as they are getting the proper amount each night, or at least if they are getting the proper amount a couple of times per week. When one goes days, weeks, or months sleep deprived they begin to exhibit a state of consciousness that resembles The Walking Dead. When one’s diet is also being affected, the zombie-like state can be increased because the body needs nutrition and without it, sustained by a diet of McDonalds and Taco Bell, one will feel the effects. Consuming a high quantity of fatty foods  will leave one tossing and turning at night.

Other factors of your diet that effect your sleep will include eating or drinking to close to your bedtime. Drinking too much fluid before bed will keep you up all night in the bathroom (trust me, I know!) and eating too much can keep you up with indigestion. However, eating a light snack before bedtime, such as a peanut butter and honey/jelly sandwich can promote healthier sleep. Alcohol is a no-no, and of course, so is caffeine.


Sleep can also effect your diet in the same way that diet does sleep. Too little sleep can lead to higher ghrelin levels, which can lead to overeating and other unhealthy habits. Make sure that you are getting the proper rest at night and are sleeping on an Eco-Friendly, healthy mattress and keeping up with a healthy diet. Don’t be afraid to indulge every once and a while, just remember that everything is good in moderation!

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Go Green For Spring

Ever wonder what might be considered fashionable in the world of being ‘Green’? Well, first of all, if you are buying all of your clothes from Walmart or Target, chances are that those products were produces overseas in dirty factories by people who receive a penny an hour. So, if you’re wondering whether or not Walmart and other stores of the sort are lined with ‘Green’, or even good, fashion then you are probably searching through the wrong stores.

As spring approaches we look back to the year of 2013, when green was widely used by fashion designers both literally and figuratively. Green on the runway symbolized both a fashion statement and an Eco-statement, teaching the fashionistas of today how to sport organic clothing. Designer Stella McCartney once took home Britain’s Designer of the Year award, and, get this, without the use of leather. This should prove to people all over the world that fashion, even the high class/fur coat/leather belt kind, does not always have to be harmful to be hot. Animal furs and skins do not always need to be used in order to make a great article of clothing, and in this day and age, they shouldn’t be. We are not living in tribes along the coastline, hunting for our own food anymore. It’s time to make a change, no only in fashion but in every department that has not already gone green!

tumblr_m1v419fAKG1qdhvxho1_500 (Here is an example of a great thrift store find, found at

The first place that you can shop for clothing that was not necessarily made with the intent to be ‘Green’ but can still definitely be considered Eco-friendly is the Thrift Store. Because the clothes and other items that are sold in these stores are not technically ‘Green’ many people do not see it as an Eco-friendly store, but the thing about thrift stores is that they recycle old clothing, which reduces landfill waste while also putting the clothing to good use. Also, thrift stores are chock full of trendy clothing, boasting an array of all kinds of fashion-friendly tops, pants, and accessories. Always keep in mind that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so don’t completely block out the thought of shopping at a thrift store the next time you are looking for cute clothes. Be sure to go through your closet and find old clothes that you do not wear any more and donate them to your local thrift shop too. Not only is it better for the Earth than throwing them away, but also because what goes around comes around and when you put out a pair of jeans that once might have looked good on you, perhaps you’ll find yourself a new pair of jeans.

Also on the rise is an increase of products being produced in the United States. America depends on it’s economy and with American made products we would not thrive. Still, not nearly as many products are being made and sold in America as there are being outsourced and then sold in America. With celebrities endorsing the idea of the American dream, waving flags about in their videos, oh-so patriotically. The sad fact of the matter is that many clothing lines produce flag printed Tees and other ‘patriotic’ items that are made in China. Next time you’re shopping at Urban outfitters check the tags and see for yourself just how many of the overly priced items are actually made in America. Stepping up and finding clothes that are made in the USA can help largely in both the economy and the ecology of our nation, and our Earth as a whole.

Remember to sleep on an Eco-friendly bed from the Organic Comfort Zone when all of the hustle and bustle from the day is said and done. Nothing is better than curling up underneath a warm blanket and letting the soft whisper of sleep call you into it’s clutches, and with an organic CozyPure mattress you’ll wake up more refreshed than ever. Bringing Eco-friendly products into your daily life can not only help the environment, but it could also help with personal issues. Eco clothing and bedding materials have less chemicals in them, which means that they are easier on the skin and other body parts. Using these products can truly change yours, and every one else’ world, for the better. So think ‘Green’, think ‘Organic’!

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Living Actively

Have you ever wondered about what it might be like to actually hit the gym instead of making a million excuses not to? Do you ever wonder about what some of the benefits of exercise might have on the human body? Well – besides the obvious health benefits – exercise can help you out in other ways too.

First of all, you must know that one’s body temperature tends to decline as night falls upon them, therefore, making the person want to fall asleep. When you exercise your body temperature increases as much as two degrees, and it tends to stay at this elevated temperature for a time span of four to five hours. When you work out in the late afternoon your body temperature begins to drop within a few hours, or, around bedtime, making one feel more tired due to physical exhaustion and a lowering body temperature.

track athlete

In all of the ways that exercise can improve one’s sleep, sleep can have the same benefits on one’s exercise. For instance, a good night’s sleep can improve a person’s immune function, while also reducing stress and leaving one feeling revitalized and alive. When you enjoy a good night’s sleep your body will be more eager to do healthy activities such as getting exercise and remaining active throughout the day. When combined, the proper amount of sleep and exercise can improve a person’s mood, light a candle in the bedroom, and, contrary to popular belief, exercise can actually be fun!

Simple, and fun activities one might enjoy as exercise will range from strolling around the block to swimming in the lake. Going to the gym every now and then and doing a bit of intense training could never be harmful, but it does not have to be necessary in order to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Keeping yourself on your toes and taking time away from the tube every now and then is what keeps us lively and functioning.

Going out and staying active is cheap and easy. Walking your dog or biking around your neighborhood are both fun and free things to do. Go out and enjoy the sun, or stay in and become withered and pale, its your choice, but in the end, the healthy choice is the active choice. In reality, and in this day and age especially, staying fit is made even easier because with the invention of workout DVDs and video games such as Just Dance people are able to make better use of their time spent indoors. There are so many things to do, and all can help one sleep. After a long day of hustling and bustling, whether it was for work or for your own personal enjoyment, finding your way into a warm, cozy mattress at night is always the cherry on top of the sundae. Make your sleeping experience, and body recovery, more enjoyable with a CozyPure mattress and other bedding materials from the Organic Comfort Zone.

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Have a Green St. Patty’s Day!

As we know, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day, and, as we know, St. Patrick’s day is just a week away. While the actual holiday is on a Monday, the parades and such will be held over weekend, which means endless partying for some, and trash, trash, and even more trash to be swallowed up by the sad streets that these parades and parties take place on. Despite being a holiday that thrives off of the drunken minds of those who celebrate it, we can all still find the time to throw away our surplus of empty beer bottles and our cans of confetti and streamers and beads. If we can’t pick up our trash and various other debris for ourselves or for our environment, we should at least do it for St. Patrick on his special day, and for all of the Irish.


A day to worship Shamrocks and vodka shots, St. Patrick’s day, or should I say the day of its festivities, has much in store for those who celebrate it. The first rule of St. Patty’s day is that one must wear green or they’ll receive a pinch! However, as we dance around the crowded streets of the parades, we must not only try to wear green, but we must also be, we must also think green. What easier way to start being green than by simply placing your trash in the trashcan rather than throwing it aside as the rest of the worlds problem. That’s not very saintly, now is it?

You can also buy your St. Patrick’s day clothes from a thrift store or reuse old outfits. Buying used products reduces the trash that will be sent to a landfill while also saving you money on a great deal. Instead of using plastic bags to carry your goodies in, try using tote, or other multifunctional bags, that way you are saving the environment while also saving you a couple of cents per bag at the grocery store.  Plant something green, drink and eat organic foods, and do whatever else you can to reduce, reuse, and to recycle.

Spruce up the holiday with green beers and other kinds of ale. Have fun in going about your Saint Patrick’s day celebrations and remember that there could be no better way to celebrate the holiday than by going green in everything that you might do, no matter if it is sitting around the house all day or going out and enjoying all of the parades and the parties that come with the holiday in which everyone is celebrated as Irish.

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ASMR: Sleep Euphoria

Many people who can’t get to sleep turn to white noise devices, music players, and spinning fans to calm their nerves and set them at ease so that they can enjoy a good, long night’s sleep. Some people, however, enjoy being soothed by a person’s smooth voice, a whisper to knock them out. With the use of sleeping pills on the rise, people are beginning to lean toward other options, such as sleep whisperers.

Youtubers all over are beginning to develop videos that incorporate the mix of noises and voices that will have one drifting off into dreamland. Some videos include the sounds of the water swishing, the sand scratching, pebbles rolling, and plastic crumbling, but what makes these videos unique is the way that these noises are created. When you crumple up a piece of plastic it doesn’t normally make the most relaxing sound, but when you do it softly and slowly, just slow and soft enough that it sounds as if it is merely white noise, these sounds are able to put a person out.

The way that these sounds travel around your ears, especially when the use of headphones is involved, is hypnotizing, lulling one to sleep as the minutes pass by. The description of fine grains of sand bring you to your knees, imagining the feel of warm sand moving in and out of your fingertips and your toes as the water crashes at your feet, your eyes drooping with every word, and every sound that they make. It is the simple things that make these videos brilliant, the sound of sighing and whispers filling your eardrums, commanding your eyes to close and your brain to calm down. The sound of fingernails tapping gently against a plate lulling you to bed, I can understand why these videos might be so popular among those with insomnia.

So why is this web of sleep whisperers becoming so popular? There is such a thing as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) which is the tingling sensation that erupts in the ears, the head, and the spine, which is able to pull a person into the depths of consciousness. There is no real way to study the phenomena but many people report feelings of euphoria when listening to the audio of people whispering to them. Some of these videos include role plays that involve scenes such as getting ones hair cut or visiting the doctors office or falling asleep with one’s ‘Vampire Boyfriend‘ and even Hunger Games skits. Some can even be calmed down from a panic or an anxiety attack when soothed by these people and there videos.

As many of us know, especially in this day and age, that it is getting harder and harder to fall asleep. What, with all the electronics buzzing and thoughts swarming around our busy brains, many of us are falling harder and harder into the clutches of insomnia. Now, with the help of electronic devices such as mp3 players and other sound emitting devices, we are able to find easier ways to fall into sleep. We can all try it in the comfort of our own bedrooms if nothing else works, and hopefully, with the sounds of people cooing you into slumber, you will fade into the stillness of sleep, and awake in your favorite dream.