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Let’s Start a New American Tradition

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, we should be thinking about more than pyrotechnic displays and hotdogs. Sure, family and friends gathering together is great, but let’s not forget the true purpose of this National Holiday; American Independence Day is the birthday of our Country.

This year, as a true patriot, perhaps the best way to celebrate America’s “break-a-way” from foreign governing is to invest in American made merchandise – give a gift of love to someone with an American manufactured product. By doing so, you not only show someone that you care for them, but also that you care about the welfare of America and American industry.

With American factories shuttering daily, the best way to preserve the existing jobs is to keep them busy. Our “call to arms” today is saving our economy and our way of life – buying American made products may be one of the most patriotic things we can do.

As a start, just for one day, on the 4th of July, can you imagine people across the country refusing to buy anything not American made? The economic impact would tidal wave. A new tradition could begin that would help to reignite the spirits of American workers with a light that says people all over America care about the fate of our homegrown industries.

I’m proud to work for a company that is American owned and sells American made merchandise. I am in a special segment of the population which used to dominate our towns and cities but has now been downgraded to a small minority. The foundation of America’s advancement was forged by American manufacturing and should be reclaimed, but initially, before calculating on support from international markets, we must first invest in ourselves.

Organic Comfort Zone / CozyPure® / Organic Mattress Factory products are American made – most are made right here in our Norfolk, Virginia location. We put great effort and intention on attempting to secure the highest quality America grown and manufactured components, allowing us to produce one of the finest sleep systems available anywhere – at any price.

Imported goods may cost less, saving individuals small amounts of money at the time of purchase, but overall, when factoring in safety, quality, longevity, environmental impact and what the real costs are to American labor and the economy, the savings is overshadowed by the true cost.

On this Independence Day, start your own tradition – make a gift of an American made product. Start a conversation about the importance of supporting the American manufacturing industry. Not only is it the smart thing to do; it’s patriotic.

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Want a Cleaner Bedroom? Make it Naked. Advice on how to make your bedroom safe and organic.

Green Tidings

column by Cheryl Hahn – Virginian Pilot, June 13, 2009

Want a Cleaner Bedroom? Make it Naked.

Industrial chemicals are everywhere… in our business workplace, shopping centers, park benches, and especially in our homes. In fact, indoor air pollution is now rated worse than outdoors. Since the 1950’s our dependency on producing almost everything we use is created with man-made synthetic materials from chemicals: appliances, electronics, home decor, plastics, paints, cleaners, clothing, and more than likely… even the pillow under your head.

It’s almost impossible to escape this chemical soup, unless you live in a bubble, which isn’t very realistic. So how can you reduce your exposure to industrial chemical overload? The easiest place to start is also the one area of your home which makes the most sense: your bedroom. Strip it down and make it naked.

For window treatments choose natural fiber curtains, shades, wood blinds or shutters and stay away from heavy draperies which are usually treated with chemicals and also harbor dust mites. New carpet and adhesives can outgas a vast array of toxic chemicals. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission the most frequently-reported symptoms were watery eyes, runny nose, burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat, headaches, rashes, and fatigue. If possible, strip your floors down to their natural bare beauty and use area rugs made from untreated wool.

Introduce a few plants to naturally filter the air in your bedroom. Plants add beauty, produce oxygen and absorb chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde. Good choices are English Ivy and Spider Plant; both species are hardy, easy to care for and rated the best for air filtration. When painting your walls, many brands now offer low-emission alternatives that are safer for indoor air.

Select furniture crafted from real solid wood; avoid pressboard and plywood which contain chemicals and offer low-quality durability. Your mattress and bedding should be made from natural and organic materials which breathe to help keep your sleep system dry and clean. Avoid synthetic fabrics and foams made from petroleum-based elements which outgas chemicals and also have a tendency to harbor heat and moisture which is conducive for dust mites.

Every night you retreat to your bedroom to shut down and restore your mind and body for the day ahead. You’re most vulnerable to the elements during sleep, so it makes sense to have an environment that is clean, pure and natural. Eliminating or reducing toxins in your bedroom can start you on your way to creating a nighttime healing space to escape the everyday exposure to industrial chemicals. This is your sanctuary. Breathe deep, breathe easy and sleep well.

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Free Organic Give-A-Way

In honor of Earth Day, Organic Comfort Zone / CozyPure® gave away 22 organic gifts to their FaceBook fans. Some of the items included in the give-a-way included CozyPure® organic pillows, lien sprays, EocAveUSA loungewear and a grand prize package of assorted organic comforts. Fans names were randomly selected to insure everyone an equal chance at winning.

What a great tradition Organic Comfort Zone may have started; giving organic and natural gifts in celebration of Earth Day.

The hope of Organic Comfort Zone’s give-a-way is that once folks discover how wonderful and durable organic and natural products are, then they will be inclined to consider eco-friendly merchandise when making their next purchase; whether it be from Organic Comfort Zone or not. Here at Organic Comfort Zone, we are just trying to make the World “greener” and safer for everyone.

In an effort to keep the contest simple, Organic Comfort Zone’s only requirement for eligibility was that contestants had to be members of the Organic Comfort Zone’s FaceBook fan page. Membership to the FaceBook fan page is free and easy – just click a button!

The drawing was held on April 23 and then broadcasted via the internet on FaceBook. It was estimated that over a thousand viewers watched in hopes that their name would be called.

This contest was so much fun, that we plan on doing another drawing next month in honor of Better Sleep Month. Anyone who did not have the opportunity to participate in the Earth Day contest can still be a winner! So if you have not signed up to be a fan of Organic Comfort Zone on FaceBook, there is still an opportunity to win free, cool, organic stuff.

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Celebrating Earth Day

Imagine Earth Day being celebrated as it should be; an International Holiday! Across the world, people should enjoy the day off to reflect and enjoy the gifts of planet Earth. It should be a day when we all consider our life-styles and what we can do to make our world greener.

I imagine an Earth Day where we exchange organic, natural and recycled gifts with our loved ones and even random strangers. We could plant “Earth Day Trees” and because Earth Day is celebrated on April 22; it’s a perfect time to work on gardening skills.

On Earth Day, we should wear only organic clothing and eat locally grown produce. Our efforts to conserve should be elevated.

This Earth Day, make plans to ride your bike to the park and soak in and cherish your surroundings and encourage others to do the same.

Earth Day is celebrated only once a year and unfortunately, it goes unnoticed by the larger segment of the population; it should be the largest event in the World. So, this year, let’s all do our part and try to make Earth Day every day.

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Earth Day Gifts from Organic Comfort Zone

As we approach the 39th anniversary of Earth Day, have you considered how you will celebrate?

Our efforts to educate and accommodate our customers in “green” matters continues and this year we have launched a simple “giveaway” contest as our gift back to people who are attempting to join us in a celebration of living a more organic lifestyle.

Earth Day is celebrated world-wide on April 22 and in honor of that day, Organic Comfort Zone will be giving away 22 FREE Organic Comfort products, including CozyPure® Pillows! No purchase required! Simply become a fan of Organic Comfort Zone Fan Page on FaceBook. On April 22, we will randomly select 22 lucky winners!

If you are not already a fan of Organic Comfort Zone, then simply log on to the Organic Comfort Zone Facebook page and “become a fan”. It’s that simple!

Good luck and have a wonderful Earth Day!

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Green Tidings February Green Tidings


Founder / owner of Organic Comfort Zone / CozyPure®, Cheryl Hahn is considered an expert in the field of organics – folks are always asking her questions and consulting with her. With nearly 20 years of research and experience under her belt, Cheryl has earned a place of respect. Now she has her own monthly column in The Virginian Pilot newspaper. Below is her column, which was published on Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of her readership did.


“The tide is turning green in Tidewater.” That’s a phrase I’ve been saying for the past year because now more than ever, folks in the Hampton Road’s area are showing a real interest in eco-friendly options.

With the economy right now, it makes a lot of sense to embrace a greener lifestyle because so many things can actually save you money.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, let’s tackle the idea of giving green gifts.

Here’s one that falls under the category “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”: One of my favorite things to give someone is a beautiful photograph.

They are uniquely special, something you can enjoy for years, and you certainly won’t find this gift on a store shelf.

Choose your favorite image and display it in an attractive frame. Better yet, make a wonderful collage with an assortment of photographs. Clip words or phrases from old magazines to express your thoughts while also enhancing the visual arrangement.

Thrift stores usually have nice selections of tacky artwork displayed in great frames that are perfect to use for your collage.

Whether large or small, if done right, your recipient will love displaying your new gift somewhere in her home. The cost is minimal, while the long term enjoyment can last for years.

If you’re looking for more traditional gifts, try a beautiful plant instead of cut flowers. Write your own prose and create a card.

Got a sweet tooth? In today’s fast-paced world, many of us are so busy that spending time with someone can be the most wonderful gift of all, so pick a date and make homemade chocolates together. You get the candy and the company.

If you want to do something more romantic, then light the candles, play some music, make a delicious gourmet dinner and have the kids clean-up the mess.

Don’t have kids? Let the mess wait for morning. Make sure you get in one slow dance before the night is over. Simple pleasures can be true treasures. You don’t need a lot of money to express gratitude towards someone special, and you don’t need to be a tree-hugger either.

Speaking of hugs, be sure to give one to your valentine… they’re simple, they’re powerful and they’re free. Oh yeah, they’re eco-friendly too!

Cheryl Hahn is the founder of Norfolk-based business “Organic Comfort Zone”, manufacturers of organic bedding, and “Tomorrow’s World”, one of America’s first eco-stores. For more information visit or call 757-480-8500 or 800-229-7571.

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Everything’s Green on St Patty’s Day!

column by Cheryl Hahn – Virginian Pilot, March 14, 2009

Everyone’s Irish and everything’s green on St Patty’s Day! Green hair, green beer and green food are common traditions, so why not take “green” to the next level?

Many people celebrate the holiday cooking at home for friends and family, singing Irish songs with pots of steaming ham and cabbage, and of course lots of beer. Unfortunately, most of the produce in our supermarkets is heavily sprayed with pesticides, picked months in advance, stored in freezers with added preservatives, and shipped thousands of miles, before finally reaching our local grocery store. Lucky for us, Hampton Road’s folks have the opportunity to buy the Irish fixin’s right here locally. Smithfield Virginia hams are readily available in many stores, and a quick trip to the local farmer’s market provides plenty of choices for greener menu selections.

I went to Five Points Farmer’s Market in Norfolk and found locally-grown fresh cabbage, potatoes, green beans and green eggs. The Peace & Plenty Farm in North Carolina has chickens that produce eggs with a green shell which puts a literal spin on the green eggs and ham menu. “Farmer’s use St. Patrick’s Day as the day to begin planting”, says Bev Sell, general manager of the market, which is located in an open-air warehouse not far from the Norfolk Zoo. Some of the food and produce comes from the Carolinas, Pennsylvania and Florida, all located on the eastern seaboard and much closer than Idaho, California or China. “Virginia has a few microbreweries as well”, Sell continues, “and we’re hoping to someday offer locally-produced wine and beer at the market.” Well, I’m all for products made in Virginia, so I’ll drink to that.

Choosing local food and drink supports our local economy while reducing our carbon-footprint and it’s healthier because small family farms don’t spray their crops with highly-toxic pesticides. And if you really don’t care about any of those things, then maybe taste will convince you because locally-produced food is fresh and yummy. According to Irish lore, there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. If we all follow our local rainbow, we’ll find a glowing pot of great products made right here in Virginia. Greener, cleaner, healthier choices support both our local communities and our environment. I can already see the Irish eyes a-smiling with our good fortune. Cheers to everyone… and may the green be with you!


Cheryl Hahn, is the founder of Norfolk-based business “Organic Comfort Zone”, manufacturers of organic bedding and “Tomorrow’s World”, one of America’s first eco-stores. For more information visit or call 757-480-8500.

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In the News

Cheryl makes the news … again.

Shortly after Christmas, (December 27, 2008), the following interview appeared in The Virginian-Pilot newspaper:

Cheryl Hahn
Ecopreneur, Tomorrow’s World/Organic Comfort Zone
By Victoria Hecht
The Virginan-Pilot

Cheryl Hahn wants to put you to sleep. But not too soon. She’d rather you finish this article first and drift off thinking about the stuff of her dreams: bedding and mattresses.
Hahn is the owner of Tomorrow’s World/Organic Comfort Zone (, a Norfolk-based business that’s grown and changed – in name, mission and location – since it’s 1991 inception.
Today, the company occupies a revitalized storefront just across the street from Ocean View beach. Tucked behind the hard-to-miss purple walls are warehouse, call center, showroom and retail spaces.
“We started out as one of the country’s first ‘green’ stores, offering products like reusable shopping bags, nontoxic cleaners, CFL’s, low-flow shower-heads and even tankless hot water heaters,” Hahn said.
Over the years, though, as the eco-friendly home products mainstreamed, the Pinewell resident narrowed her business focus to eco-smart soft goods.
“I strongly believe our bedrooms should be safe havens,” Hahn said. “We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Our bodies shut down to revitalize, and we are extremely vulnerable.”
The bedroom, she added, is an ideal place to reduce exposure to industrial chemicals.
Tomorrow’s World/Organic Comfort Zone’s products are made from natural materials – certified organic cotton, organically managed wool and kapok, among them – and are vastly grown in the United States. The company produces its made-to-last mattresses and other bedding right at the Ocean View Avenue site.
Hahn said finding just the right mattress for one’s needs needn’t be work. She encourages customers to wear pajamas for a personal spin with the products. And if they fall asleep? No problem.
“We close the blinds and the door, put on some music and leave you alone,” she said. “We’ve created our showroom to feel like a bedroom, so no one feels like they’re on display.”

What did you do before Tomorrow’s World/Organic Comfort Zone?
My first job was in marketing for a USA-based international sportswear manufacturing company. I was always surrounded by textiles, prototypes and spec sheets. I suppose it was a primer for what I’m doing today.

What are the benefits of organic bedding and dressings?
Most organic bedding components utilize various types of organic cottons, pure wool, kapok and natural rubber. These materials are sustainable, naturally renewable resources that are excellent for bedding because they breathe. We lose about one pint of moisture every night while sleeping. Our CozyPure® sleep system allows for that moisture to escape.

How has your business evolved since its inception?
It’s been so much fun expanding into the organic comfort arena. Developing and creating worthwhile products that have real value is so important. We don’t manufacture for planned obsolescence. The philosophy of quality is something our grandparents understood because decades ago you could buy a product, and it would last for years.

Tell us about the business’ environmentalism.
Our new location was remodeled using nontoxic paints, and it also has geothermal heating and cooling, which greatly reduces energy production. We also use fluorescents and CFLs throughout. We source our materials domestically, reducing our carbon footprint. Scrap fabrics and fibers are retained and used later in products we develop specifically for their use, so we don’t have manufacturing waste.

Do you have a most memorable client you’ve served?
We have quite a list of celebrities, but one has been purchasing our products for many years. He and his family are incredibly nice people who are committed to living a green life-style. Two years ago, they were having visitors for Thanksgiving, and we had to do a rush production for the mattresses, comforters, pillows and towels – all just to accommodate their overnight guests for the holiday. We were able to pull it off.

Because of Cheryl’s expert knowledge in eco-home issues and her flavor for style, The Virginian-Pilot has asked her to write a monthly article on “greening the home”. Beginning on February 14 of this year, you will be able to read her column as she shares her knowledge, experience and desires for a better world. Look for it in the Home section of the paper.


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Organic Comfort Produced with Green Energy


Gearing up for our move down to the corner unit – hopefully next weekend. Our new space will offer us triple production space, and we’ll soon be opening our new company, Sunrise Solar and Wind, which will be right next store. My hubby, Richard, is back on board in the business. For you folks who have been customers of ours since the beginning, many of you remember Richard from way back when. He’ll be in charge of the new company which will offer sales, service and consultation of green power, something Tomorrow’s World offered throughout the 1990’s. Our new space already has Geo-Thermal HVAC and will also feature wind and solar energy, so in addition to our full-circle “green” products being made with our own “green energy”, it will also be a hands-on working demo for the new company. We’re excited, and we’ll keep you posted.

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Get Naked

It’s official. We’ve finally decided on a name for our soap and body care line: Naked Spa…. Ingredients so natural they may as well be naked. We use the bare essentials for the various items. Our bar soaps are USDA certified organic. Yippee! And the only preservative is natural rosemary. Our hemp clay mask and healing hemp foot cream continue to be favorites, and our new organic brown sugar body scrubs are getting rave reviews! Let’s get naked!