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Be Green: Start in Your Bedroom

If you are looking to live a “Greener’ lifestyle and save the world in the process, what better place is there to start than in your very own bedroom. Here are some Eco-Friendly tips that can help you keep your bedroom Green and save you money in the process. After all, we spend an average of 26 years of our lives sleeping, so make it comfortable.

-First of all, what better way to get in touch with your ‘Greener’ side than by sleeping on it. Change your bedding to organic materials that are natural and are not harmful for the environment. At the Organic Comfort Zone you can find a variety of comfortable bedding that is also natural and safe for Mother Earth. Some of our products include organic cotton sheets, la’noodle and kapok pillows, wool comforters, and latex mattress’.

-By turning off the air conditioner and turning the fan on at night you are not only saving yourself some money but you are also using much less energy. A fan can do the job of an air conditioner without making the air in the room feel uncomfortably cold. Also, if cold a night, use blankets to keep you warm and not heaters.

-In order to clean out your bedroom look to using a damp washcloth with some vinegar thrown into the mix to get the best results. This is an easy, green, and cheap solution to removing those dust balls from your shelf without exposing yourself and others (including the environment) to those harmful chemicals that are in some of the name brand products.

-Shopping at thrift stores for clothing and decorations can reduce landfill waste while also giving you a unique new article of clothing or decor. By the way, did I mention that thrift stores can save you a huge chunk of money, which is all the more reason to shop at them.

-When all that the day has brought has been said and done it might be a good idea to unplug and turn off all things electronic. Not only does this save a whole lot of energy, but it also keeps the user awake by emitting lights that tell the brain not to produce melatonin, and with their loud noises they are prone to make, and a multitude of other pesky things that might keep one awake at night. Just simply unplug or turn them all off and save energy, money, and time that might be spent on these devices.

-Use CFL’s vs regular light bulbs. These Compact Fluorescent bulbs can save you money because of their efficiency. Remember to turn off the lights when not in the room, though.

So go ahead and try out some of these tips, save the world and some cash in the process, and sleep tightly!




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Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Last weekend there was a chill in the air as my friends and I went for a walk through downtown Ghent, the sun had just set and it was the perfect time to get a glimpse of the houses decorated in beautiful Christmas lights and other various decorations. I remember the night clearly because I was freezing. What happened shortly after going outside was that my friend was ‘cold’, although layered with long sleeves, a new scarf, and a jacket, and so me, being the kind person that I am, offered up my own coat to her and took on the suffering that came with thirty degree weather with nothing but a light button up shirt on.

My coat is a comfortable one of the cotton genre, I love it very much for it provides me much comfort in the cold months. Upon putting on my coat, my friend exclaimed “Wow, this coat is warm!” as if that was not already expected. It wasn’t until after this that I saw the polyester rag that she was wearing as a jacket that posed as something that might keep her warm. Sure, her tunic looked nice, but it didn’t seem to provide her with the necessary comfort needed for the cold months. I replied briskly, “What did you expect? I don’t shop cheap!” and yet, I had purchased the comfortable article of clothing from a local thrift store for about five dollars. However, this price did not effect the quality of the coat and to this day I stay wrapped up in it.

The reason I reflect on this particular occasion is to emphasize the importance of quality clothing, especially during the long, chilly months of the winter. Without these clothes, perhaps you might drive around a neighborhood in order to appreciate the decorations, or not do anything of that matter at all, and what fun would that be? Finding clothes that are stylish and comforting AND organic can be as simple as stopping into a thrift store and looking around until you find that perfect match, and believe me, where there is a thrift store there is an old wool sweater to fit everyone’s needs, believe me, I have twelve of them.

You don’t want to drive around when you can just as easily walk and incorporate a small dose of fitness into whatever your daily routine may be. You can eliminate exhaust fumes and experience the rush of cold air blowing across your cheeks and jack frost nipping at your nose when you make the simple choice to walk around the block to pick up your holiday eggnog from the market. However, once inside, don’t forget to cozy up next to the warm fire with an engrossing book or watch a classic Christmas film (my favorite is ‘The Year Without A Santa Clause“) with the rest of the family while bundled up under a crisp cotton blanket or wool comforter. With items like this you can make the best of your time inside off the house, while trimming those heating bills down a little bit.

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Another thing that makes the cold air bearable are my wool socks which I keep rolled up to my knees at nearly all times of the day, whenever I am wearing them, that is. Cotton socks do the trick too, but nothing compares to my wool ones, or a quiet evening alone (for those who get the reference ;P). About a month ago I went on a camping trip with some friends, we spent the night on the beach and man was it COLD outside. The following day I was actually surprised that most of us had made it out alive, though not without any troubles along the way. One way that I kept myself from becoming a block of ice was by not messing with the wool socks that covered my legs, I simply placed them on my legs, pulled them up my calves and let them do the rest of the work. Surprisingly, I stayed warmer than most of the others in our troop because of this (I was also wearing my thrift store jacket and about three layers of shirts.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should not let the weather take a toll on the activities that you love to do. If you want to go out for a stroll through the park then do it! Just make sure that you are bundled up and prepared before making the venture outside. If you feel the need to go camping then who cares what anybody says about the snow that is supposed to hit the ground that evening, go for it! Put on some wool socks, a pair of comfortable hiking boots, layer up those shirts, package yourself away into a pair of long johns, build you fire and enjoy the night! The winter will be gone quicker than you realize, so make the best of it and do your own thing.






eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.





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Green is Good

I guess I’ve been on a health kick lately, but here is another food post. Eating organically will help boost the body’s immune system and other natural defenses, as well as keeping your complexion clear and your body trim. There are many ways to eat organically in this day and age and you should always be mindful of where your food is from, how fresh it is, whether or not pesticides and steroids were used in its production, and its nutrition level. Like many food posts I have compiled another list of things that can be bought with peace of mind whether or not they are from the farmers market or not:

-Avocado                                                 -Cauliflower                                             -Watermelon

-Asparagus                                              -Kiwi                                                           -Garlic

-Blackberries                                          -Onions                                                     -Tomatoes

– Broccoli                                                 -Mangoes

-Cabbage                                                  -Pineapples


Now we can move on to a list of foods that are OK to buy non-organic, but still would be made better if bought fresh daily 🙂


-Green Onions




OK. Now it is time to reveal the food that is safest to buy ORGANIC

-Almonds                                                 -Papaya                                                  -Celery                                                  -Cherries

-Apples                                                     -Carrots                                                  -Cucumbers                                        -Kale

-Bell Peppers                                          -Blueberries                                          -Potatoes                                             -Strawberries

-Peaches                                                   -Spinach                                                 -Raspberries

-Lettuce                                                    -Green Beans                                        -Zucchini

-Pears                                                        -Plums                                                     -Corn


All our lives we will face tough choices about what we should be eating and why. We will be consumed with temptation when looking through the windows at Dairy Queen or maybe the bakery at your local supermarket. We can not let ourselves down, though. There are always healthier and safer options for everyone to enjoy no matter what your preference is. Just the other night I had a fresh, delicious, savory, spicy catfish sandwich from our local farmers market. The sandwich was rich with spices and subtle flavors and I enjoyed every bite of it. The dinner was healthy and it was also affordable.

twilight apple

Why should we stop where we eat though? We want to practice healthy choices in every aspect of our life, don’t we? We want to live to the fullest of our potential and we can only do that when we are thinking straight and clearly, but how can one think clearly after stuffing there body with greasy McDonald’s and wondering how long it might take for our body to digest the unnatural preservatives in our food. It is simple chemistry, the more organic the product, the easier it will be for your body to accept and also to make use of.

This is same for all the world around us, the more natural that the product is the safer it will be for the overall environment. So many landfills are just piles upon piles and stacks on stacks of waste that is not biodegradable. This is not safe for the ecosystem as these unnatural products release toxins and become and eyesore. Why not choose to be organic? In the end it won’t hurt a soul, but it can make millions of lives safer and thousands of places cleaner.

I remember taking a trip down to Puerto Rico over the summer and being struck in awe by the natural beauty that the country provided and then feeling like I had been slapped in the face when the juxtaposition of the filthy piles of waste that lined the shore appeared in my line of vision, and it was not only in one place, it was all over the place. If we all took simple, easy steps toward creating a healthier world we might not face the environmental issues that we are struggling with today.

Why not do your best to take part in cleaning up this world whenever possible. By buying Eco-friendly, organic products you are saving a whole crop from being poisoned by threatening chemicals. Even more, when you move from simply buying green foods to other green products than your role just became a whole lot more important. When buying organic bedding you are saving a landfill from having another filthy mattress being placed in it ten years down the road because natural bedding is just that good. Give it a try with your delicious new grocery list and then try to incorporate ‘green’ into other aspects of your life.






eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.





Environment Green Living Healthy Lifestyles Made in the USA Miscellaneous Natural Bedroom Natural Fibers Natural Home Organic Apparel & Textiles Organic Clothing Organic Comfort Organic Mattress & Bedding Sleep Tips

Why Wool Is Cool

A huge problem that people have with buying wool is that it is an animal product, and with the way that animals are treated in modern civilization people are skeptical on the matter. However, sheep are not killed when wool is attained, and while some people do bring harm to their sheep we make sure that where our products come from there is a safe environment for the animals. The wool is merely sheared off, so it is as if the animals are getting a haircut. No harm comes to these sheep, they enjoy their days long after the product has been taken, can you say the same about that burger that you ate last night?


Another concern with wool is the odor. So many people understand wool to retain a musty smell after being worn multiple times but this is true with all fibers, synthetic included! It is a fact that an article of clothing will get dirty and smelly if not washed for a prolonged period. All my wool sweaters and socks smell perfectly fine after being thrown into the washer, just as my spandex do. See, it can go either way in whatever you are wearing, no matter what your body will leave behind odors on your clothing and its up to you to make sure that it does not stay in such a smelly condition. Its either that or remove your sweat glands.

Wool is WARMER! Wool is capable of maintaining body heat, and while it dries slower than synthetic fibers it is still able to keep one’s body heat elevated without them burning up. Wool is a temperature regulator, meaning that in the cooler months it tends to retain body heat, while during the hot seasons it breathes with your body It is water resistant to a certain degree (lets not get too crazy here though, you can’t jump into a pool and stay dry) however, with smaller spills and messes there is a tendency for the liquid to drip down and simply spill off the fibers. Wool can also absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before beginning to feel wet.

Being the flame resistant fiber that it is wool will not melt into a persons skin when on fire. It is self-extinguishing, so when caught on fire it will typically only char (lets hope that fire gets contained though because you’d hate to ruin that polyester sweater of yours). Not only is it flame resistant but its super durable. Unlike other fibers that break and wear down over time, wool takes much longer to wear down.

Finally, wool is comfortable too! Every night I tuck myself away under my warm, cozy organic wool comforter and thank the stars that its available to me. In the morning I wake up just a little happier because of how cozy I am wrapped up underneath my blanket and my mood is destroyed when the realization that I actually have to see the world outside sinks in. Just another reason to sleep, I guess.



eric-SAT-picEric is currently a student and part-time team member for Norfolk, VA based business Organic Comfort Zone, manufacturers of CozyPure organic bedding and mattress. For more information visit or or call 757.480.8500.