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CozyPure Cuddle-Up Club Slumber Party

Loyal customers gather to learn more about how organic comfort is made fresh daily at CozyPure.

CozyPure has been in business for 25 years. In that time, it has gained quite a following of loyal customers across the country. With a product so durable, sustainable and amazingly comfortable, a lot of praise has been offered from our customers. Being such informed consumers, many CozyPure customers are curious how organic comfort is made fresh daily, right here in the CozyPure workshop in Norfolk, Virginia.

_MG_1144_editedSlumber party guests, from left to right, Gaye Pietrocola, Michelle Germano, Cindy Thebaud,and Cindy Lee Hall learn about the making of CozyPure comforters and toppers in the workshop. Hahn, right, explains how the skilled artisans stitch, tuft and sew CozyPure products.

So, to say thank you to a few of our local customers and to demystify the CozyPure process, we hosted our first Slumber Party. On a cool evening on Oct. 8, 2015, guests were treated to an evening of refreshments, fun and an intimate look at the CozyPure organic bed making process.


Over the course of the evening, our guests shared their stories of how they arrived at selecting their CozyPure sleep system. Many had tried so many others before coming to CozyPure. Guest Heather Mayes, after having purchased a mattress from another manufacturer, said her previous mattress, felt uncomfortable, “like sleeping on a marshmallow.” Since getting her CozyPure organic sleep system a few months ago, Heather has enjoyed more restful sleep in total comfort.


Another guest, Gaye Pietrocola, has been a CozyPure organic bed owner for years. Among the other health benefits of sleeping on her CozyPure mattress, she and her husband Greg really appreciate the ease of being able to adjust the firmness of their mattress anytime they need to. “We just unzip it and adjust it,” she said, “it’s fun.”


As CozyPure owner Cheryl Hahn guided the excited guests through the workshop, they got a chance to see the entire process before their eyes. Having nothing to hide in the CozyPure bed making process, guests got to see and feel the materials—organic cotton, therapeutic wool, and natural organic latex. Hahn explained that the milk of the rubber tree is slowly extracted from thousands of rubber trees on the plantations of Sri Lanka, each mattress requiring roughly 2,500 teaspoons of pure rubber milk to make one mattress. She also explained to intrigued guests how the milk is then prepared and baked in a mold, kind of like your favorite cake. No filler. No foams. No lies. Just pure organic comfort.


Guests also got to feel the soft and luxurious LaNoodles found in CozyPure’s best selling LaNoodle pillows that are amazingly comfortable, resilient and sustainable.

At the conclusion of the first CozyPure Cuddle Up Club Slumber Party, guests played pin the tail on the lamb. The winner, Cindy Lee Hall, received a new CozyPure Wool Euro Pillow. Each guest also received gift bags with travel-size LaNoodle Pillows and other goodies.


More importantly, what we at CozyPure hope our Slumber Party guests and our everyday customers walk away with is an understanding that CozyPure is genuinely committed to providing its customers with a quality handmade organic product, free of toxins and harmful chemicals. There are no secrets or hidden ingredients in the organic mattresses and bedding at CozyPure. We work very hard to maintain a “Farm-to-Bed” freshness and purity in all our CozyPure products. We invite every one to come see what goes on in our workshop at 2308 Granby Street in Norfolk, VA. We are always willing to give you a tour of our workshop so you can see the organic magic happen for yourself.

And who knows? Once you purchase your CozyPure organic sleep system, we may see you at our next Slumber Party. Don’t forget your PJs!

— by Troy Cooper

Environment Green Living Made in the USA Woman-Owned

100% Woman-Owned, Made-In-The-USA Small Business

I am woman, hear me roar. Helen Reddy’s song reached #1 on the charts in 1972. I was nine. Young enough to be influenced, according to the lyrics, that my gender had no barriers. Having a mom who owned and operated a small hair salon certainly didn’t hurt either. Of course, that’s not to say it’s been an easy road to navigate this business I’ve nurtured and nourished over the past 25 years.

Raising two beautiful kids while running my company definitely had challenges. I spent many years doing most of my work only after they went to bed, and staying up until 2 AM to make deadlines. As they got older, my schedule changed with them. Sometimes a midday school play, doctor appointment or teacher meeting. Other times, spending a whole week across the country for a swim meet. I loved the flexibility, although it was very challenging to juggle the priorities — you know, like cleaning the house. But hey, I am woman, I can roll.

Back in the early 90’s we worked with outside manufacturers to make our products for us, but then it happened … They started outsourcing. I’m passionate about made in America. So this was near and dear to my heart. If our manufacturers wanted to move operations out of the USA, then heck we’ll just do it ourselves. And so it began, our journey into manufacturing. In the beginning, I admit I wasn’t sure where to start. But thankfully I had Cris, my right-hand-lady and expert seamstress. I am woman, and I had another one by my side, so let’s rock.

I’m over the assumptions, because almost everyone assumes my company is run by a man. Going to mattress manufacturing trade shows, an industry largely dominated by men, I’m no longer surprised when suppliers direct their conversation towards Hans, my right-hand-man and customer care extraordinaire. It’s actually a great opportunity for me to gain insight of the boys’ club who assume all the women attending are assistants and receptionists. I am woman. I am invincible, not invisible.

Most of the time I’m not Wonder Woman. Every strong woman knows to surround herself with superheroes. When my family, friends and colleagues are standing by my side, I make that transformation easily. Without them, and without our loyal customers, this road I travel would be lonely and strenuous. I am woman. I am strong. But I am stronger with others.

Just like everyone, through the years I’ve had my share of tragedies and disappointments which resulted in set-backs. But I’ve learned that when you get stuck in the mud, kick it off. If that doesn’t work, take off the boots. Just keep going. Because if I have to, I can do anything. I am woman.


Cheryl Hahn is Founder and CEO of CozyPure® and Organic Comfort Zone / Tomorrow’s World. Established in 1991 as a direct-to-consumer green-living home-goods vertical retailer, specializing in organic comfort bedding products. The CozyPure® workshop is located in Norfolk, Virginia where products are handcrafted and shipped all across the country.

Made in the USA Woman-Owned

Making it in America

A message from Cheryl Hahn, CozyPure CEO & Founder Once upon a time, America was a strong leader in the manufacturing industry, which created millions of jobs across the country. Outsourcing overseas for cheap labor gained popularity in the late 1970’s and has accelerated over the past few decades to the point where almost every product we buy is made in another country. But there are a few companies determined to keep it made in the USA. CozyPure® is one of them.

Our “Back of House” team

Centuries ago, nearly everything was made by hand. It’s almost a lost art to cut fabric with scissors, hand-tuft with needles and fill pillows by hand, when all this can be done by automated machines that mass produce hundreds of products a day. Our “Back-of-House” artisans craft products made-to-order, just for you. Their skilled workmanship using natural materials is a distinct process, so each item is unique. diane

Diane hand-tufting and tying a CozyPure Wool Comforter.


Cris, works on a pattern for sampling and prototyping a potentially new CozyPure product.


In our beautiful workshop, Joy sews organic cotton blankets and comforters.

Doreen starts preparation on a LaNoodle Cuddle Top Latex Topper.

_MG_1078 1Madeline in the finishing stage of completing our best selling LaNoodle Pillow.

We take pride in our quality American-made organic comfort products, but we also offer exceptional customer care to back it up, which is just as important. Our “Front-of-House” team is here to service you at all times, not only before the sale but after it too.

front-house“Front of House” is ready to serve you. From left to right, Hans, Patti, Cheryl, Troy and Susan.

Your questions and concerns are a phone call away. We’re always here to answer questions, provide knowledge and assist you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority… Today, tomorrow or ten years from now.

Made in the USA Miscellaneous

A doggone good time at work

If you know me, then you know how much I love my furry four-legged friends. Trust me, between felines and canines, my house is full. I have been a part of the CozyPure family since 2007 and immediately fell in love with the natural bedding, as well as the commitment to made in the USA quality, but I must admit one of my favorite things was the location. Our building in Ocean View was only a few blocks from my house which allowed me to go home during breaks and spend time with my best friends, Sunshine and Cycle. I’d take them outside for walks, and when the weather was really nice, we’d enjoy the beach before I went back to work. Life was good!

But CozyPure was growing… in the Spring of 2014, Cheryl, the CEO and founder, announced that we had no choice but to move to a larger location. By summer of the same year, we found our new building at 24th and Granby. Five times larger, but also five times further from my house. While I was happy for the space, I was secretly saddened that I would not have time to go home during break to spend time with Sunshine and Cycle. I am not sure why I was surprised, but Cheryl already had a plan. The new location was large enough to allow a “doggy day care” in the office and I could bring them to work with me! Since quite a few of us have four-legged friends, we were ALL excited when Cheryl told us the news.

All the doggies have their own CozyPure pet bed, although they move around and share their beds with each other. When I’m not at my desk or in the factory, you can find me outside walking and playing with all the dogs. Having them by my side brightens my day, adds to productivity and I have formed better working relationships with my co-workers through our “cute pet stories.”

Meet The Doggone Crew

Sunshine: My dog, but she likes to hang out at Cheryl’s desk. I think Cheryl secretly gives her treats but they both deny it. As a herding dog, Sunshine has learned to improvise. She loves running around our parking lot barking and chasing the birds in-flight. I’m not sure what she would do if she ever caught one, but at 13 years old and not one caught yet, pretty sure I will never know.

Cycle (rhymes with Pickle): My adopted girl from Norfolk Animal Care Center, also 13, was dropped off at the shelter by her previous human. Unwanted, scared, confused and depressed, Cycle was overlooked by potential adopters and would soon be put down. A last plea was put out by the shelter and I couldn’t resist her big, sad eyes. Turns out all she wanted was love and security which she gets from me, as well as all the CozyPure family members, and her sweet personality is evolving every day. Visit your local animal shelter soon and adopt. The gratitude you receive from your adopted pet will amaze you!

Finn: Susan’s faithful pit-mix companion is our furry friend known best for his big kisses, Also adopted as a youngster from a shelter, Finns favorite past-time is lounging on all the dog beds before finally sneaking on the daybed filled with pillows. I don’t think he knows which is his favorite. I agree, it is a tough choice!


Chico: Diane’s little baby is the smallest of the group and also the feistiest. A cute little itty bitty Chihuahua with a big personality that keeps all the others in line. He’s all about the “head scratching” and will be sure to let you know when he has had enough (which is never).

Bosco and Sasha: The pups of the group, also rescued, belong to Ellis. They always keep us entertained with their spunky curiosity and energy. I LOVE puppies and they are both growing so fast!

Bringing dogs to work helps keep employees’ spirits high and adds to the sense of community and connection. Without even knowing it, our doggies have brought us closer together. The next time you find yourself at 24th and Granby, come in and say “hi” to our CozyPure doggies… we will happily take you through the office for a meet and greet of wagging tails and big kisses.

Handcrafted Organic Pet Beds with matching Pillows
made right here in the CozyPure® Workshop!



  • written by Hans Bunton











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SLEEP: How Do I Love Thee? No More Counting Sheep For Me!

With my CozyPure Hotel Collection, counting sheep is a thing of the past.

The “experts” tell us that we need to replace our sleep systems every 6-8 years. I had reached a milestone with my old mattress and so I set off on a quest. If you’ve ever been mattress shopping you know what I mean when I say the process is down right daunting. I ended up with what I thought was going to provide me with an awesome night’s sleep. It was one of those “S” brands, latest hybrid technology, part gel memory foam, part advanced innerspring. Most importantly, the gel infused pillowtop promised to keep me cool (women of a certain age know what I’m talking about.) And it felt great in the showroom for the 15 minutes I actually spent lying down on it. Fast forward and several thousand dollars later….I can’t sleep! I toss, I turn, it’s hot, I’m at the bottom of a ravine and I can’t climb out!

I came to work at CozyPure and the first thing I did was purchase the CozyPure® Luxury Hotel Collection. It was a life changer. By now I knew a thing or two about mattresses. What’s in them, what’s not. A product consisting of three ingredients with names I could pronounce just makes sense. The collection includes a natural latex rubber mattress complete with all the organic bedding you need for a total bed makeover: organic mattress protector, our exclusive Cuddle-Top latex topper (like a cloud, no exaggeration), a hand-tied wool comforter, natural latex LaNoodle pillows (another exclusive), certified organic cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover. Organic cotton. Pure wool. Harvested rubber. Fresh. Sumptuous.

CozyPure Luxury Hotel Collection

There are so many reasons why I love my CozyPure mattress. I have multiple sensitivities. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, like I do, imagine the peace of mind knowing that your mattress is anti-microbial, anti dust-mite and mold resistant. Sleep hot? Thing of the past. The top of our mattress is quilted with temperature regulating wool. Wool is very therapeutic and proven to provide deep, healthy sleep. Speaking of wool, did you know that when properly compressed, wool is a natural fire barrier? That’s right, we use wool to pass the open-flame test without adding any fire retardants or toxic chemicals. And the latex? 100% milk from the rubber tree offers superior support and resiliency. Custom comfort? Absolutely. Individual comfort layers change out in a snap if your needs change, for whatever reason. Durability? I’m pretty sure this will be the last mattress I ever buy.

I now have a little slice of heaven where I go every night. I will say, it took me about a week to get used to my new latex mattress. It can take upwards of 30 days, especially if you’re body is misaligned from sleeping on a bad mattress. The CozyPure Hotel Collection addressed all of my needs and I have never slept better. Stop by our showroom. Visit our website. Read the reviews. Stop counting sheep!

SusanBrown— by Susan Brown

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Maggie May’s Showroom: Before and After


Photo from September 10, 2014

A beautiful face starts with good bone structure. So, even though the walls and floors of what is now the CozyPure showroom were a bit dingy and misused over the years, her bone structure was still quite good. And just like other areas in the building, Maggie May’s showroom needed some TLC ASAP.



Photo from September 10, 2015

Today, Maggie May’s beautiful bone structure shows through again. Her exposed brick and strong wooden posts now provide the foundation for the dreamy new CozyPure Showroom. Thin sheets of white fabric hanging from the ceiling add to the new serene and stressfree vibe of the CozyPure showroom. Stop in to see Maggie May’s showroom at 2308 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA. Have a Test Rest on one of our amazing organic sleep systems.

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Maggie May’s Facelift: Before and After



Photo from September 1, 2014

This time last year, Maggie May’s beautiful face was buried behind trees and chipping gray paint. The morning sun could barely get to her to show her age. Luckily, Cheryl and the dedicated crew could still see some potential in the old gal. But she needed a facelift to stand out among the Granby Street businesses again.




Photo from September 1, 2015

Today, Maggie May has undergone multiple exterior renovations and has a striking new coat of paint and less foliage hiding her beautiful facade from the public. She is now eye-catching and inviting to everyone who passes by. Plus, she is expecting further beautification with a sprawling handpainted mural. So keep your eyes on Maggie May and stop in to CozyPure on the corner of Granby and 24th in Norfolk, VA and have Test Rest in Maggie’s dreamy showroom.

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The Workshop: Before and After

CP_Workshop_before_082614 CP_Workshop_before_082614_2

Photos from August 26, 2014

Some would say one of Maggie May’s greatest assets is her huge backside. After all, the main reason Cheryl sought out a new location was for more room to continue making organic comfort daily. And the old Ocean View location could no longer contain the steady growth CozyPure is experiencing. So, getting Maggie May in shape would give the skilled artisans a bigger area for storage and more elbow room to continue handcrafting organic mattresses and bedding.


CP_Workshop_after_082614 CP_Workshop_after_082614_2

Photos from August 26, 2015

Today, just beyond the dream-like showroom, Maggie May’s huge backside is the spacious workshop of the CozyPure artisans. It’s open spaces are now filled with the finest organic ingredients and the most talented and committed craftspeople in Norfolk. In their new space, they are preparing all organic mattresses and bedding with the efficiency and attention to detail you’d find at a premiere bistro. Order Up!

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The Creative Corner: Before and After


Photo from August 25, 2014


Thanks to an awesome demolition job, yesterday’s mess is today’s possibilities for Maggie May. From the vantage point shown here, we see through the current office landscape, to the door opening to what is currently CozyPure’s lobby. A lot of gutting took place to get Maggie May up to snuff.



Photo from August 25, 2015


Today, there is a wall and workshop space in use in the approximate spot where the 2014 photo was taken. But, stepping just inside that wall, we have a photo of one of CozyPure’s newest additions to its team, the creative/marketing department, directed by yours truly, Troy Cooper. And the view from just over my desk is pretty sweet. Maggie May is an enchanting place to create with an overhead view that looks not like a ceiling, but a starlit sky. As a newcomer and fan of good architecture, I say a big Kudos to everyone that had a hand in making Maggie May the incredible accomplishment that she is.

Stop by CozyPure at 2308 Granby Street, Norfolk to see Maggie May.

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Cheryl’s Corner: Before and After

CPInterior0824_before Cheryl’s Corner: Before
Photo from August 24, 2014

Maggie May has gone through a number of different transformations and cover-ups throughout the course of serving as warehouse and office space for a number of different Norfolk businesses. But Cheryl wanted to see Maggie’s true face before moving in. All the ceiling tiles and carpet and unnecessary walls had to be stripped up, knocked down, and carried out. Here we see the morning sun showing Maggie’s age with years of old interiors piled on the floor. But, don’t worry, it is always darkest before the dawn, Maggie May.



Cheryl’s Corner: After
Photo from August 24, 2015

Today, this very same corner is filled with light, color, plant life, and even owner Cheryl Hahn herself. Maggie May has indeed come a long way from a year ago. The beautiful bare cement floors and the quaint exposed brick walls show the personality of a tough old gal primed and ready to house the skilled staff and artisans making organic comfort daily here at 2308 Granby Street, Norfolk.